Global Studies Minor

Investigate globalization’s effects on international business and social systems.

In an interconnected world, globalization has increased the flow of money, ideas and culture across international lines. At Park University, our Minor in Global Studies program provides students with an opportunity to learn about the ways in which globalization affects politics, economics, the environment, and other areas of society. This program takes an interdisciplinary approach which will allow you to apply your knowledge to careers in many different fields, including humanitarian services, government, and foreign affairs.

Locations & Learning Options

As a student pursuing our Global Studies Minor, you’ll be able to take face-to-face classes at our Parkville, Missouri campus. You may also take classes online.

The Minor in Global Studies requires a minimum of 18 completed credit hours. Refer to your catalog for a complete listing of coursework for this degree.


  • Online
  • Parkville


Dr. Debra Sheffer

Associate Dean
Professor of History

Study the history and current effects of globalization on politics and international relationships.

A core knowledge base in comparative political systems and international relations is supplemented by international business, geography, history and global humanities courses to give you the knowledge, skills and abilities you need for business and humanitarian careers across the globe.


Our programs will prepare you for careers in:

  • Non-Profit and Human Services
  • Foreign Affairs
  • International Organizations
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Program Highlights

Students in Park University’s Global Studies Minor can tailor their education to match their career goals, whether those goals are in international business or humanitarian service. Elective options include international business culture, geography, multicultural communication, and global peace issues.

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