K-12 Education (Art)

Lead the next generation of students to develop a passion for art as a K-12 educator.


Cultivate your understanding of art to become a leader in education.

At the Park University School of Education, we are committed to your success and the success of the students you will develop with. When you successfully complete the certification process through the Bachelor of Science in Education in K-12 Education (Art) degree program, you will be able to educate the next generation of students in these important areas.

All students, including both degree-seeking certification and certification only, must apply for admission and meet admission requirements of the School of Education. Because there are specific general education and subject area courses required for graduation and for teacher certification in the state of Missouri, you should speak with your advisor regarding these requirements prior to enrollment. Refer to your catalog for more details.


Students in this program will follow a professional curriculum that includes the following courses:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Technology in Education
  • The Interdependence of Schools and Society

Students in the K-12 Art program will take at least 42 hours of degree-specific courses, which includes the following:

  • Introduction to Visual Arts
  • Three-Dimensional Design
  • Senior Capstone
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Program Highlights

When you pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education in K-12 Education (Art) at Park University, you will develop a strong skill set to be an effective educator. This program combines a professional curriculum in education, with a focus on art, as well as field-based experience. Once completed, you will have the knowledge and skills needed for a rewarding career as a teacher.

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