Military History degree

Explore our world, past and present, through focused study of military culture, theory, history and policy with a military history degree.

This degree offers focused study of the military through the lenses of history, sociology, geography, and political science. You’ll explore U.S. history as well as world history from a variety of theoretical perspectives.

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Dr. Timothy Westcott

Chair, History, Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

Our interdisciplinary Military History degree emphasizes academic excellence through research and analysis. Prepare for a variety of careers in academia, education, the military and the nonprofit world.

Sargent William Butler

WWI Valor Medal Review

During World War I, Sgt. William Butler served with the renowned 369th Infantry Regiment, and his heroism made headlines. But he never got the Medal of Honor. Park University's History Department is working on a project to help change that.


A Park University Military History degree is a firm foundation for a compelling career. Our graduates often pursue additional studies or specialized training for jobs such as:

  • History Professor
  • Military History Unit Member
  • Author
  • Military Analyst
  • Archivist
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Program Highlights

History, then and now

You’ll begin by exploring the history of warfare itself. You’ll engage with the past as well as contemporary concerns through courses on military thought, the U.S. military, World War I and World War II, the Cold War, terrorism, American foreign policy, the modern Middle East and more.

Our program introduces you to a wide range of scholarly views of military history. You’ll be able to analyze various theories and integrate them into a broad historical context.

In your senior year, you’ll undertake a term-long (8-week) senior research/writing capstone project under the guidance of a full-time history faculty member.

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