Social Psychology

Study human behavior and its influences to positively affect people’s lives.

What is Social Psychology?

Social Psychology is a hybrid of psychology and sociology. This discipline studies how our behavior is influenced by our social environment. This adaptable major will prepare you for meaningful work in business and industry, government, social science, data analysis, public policy, service professions or graduate study.

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Dr. Tim Westcott

Dr. Timothy Charles Westcott

Chair, Department of Culture & Society
Professor of History

Monica Brannon

Dr. Monica Brannon

Associate Professor of Sociology

Andrew Johnson

Dr. Andrew Johnson

Professor of Psychology

Brian Cowley

Dr. Brian Cowley

Professor of Psychology

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Dr. Alivia Zubrod

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Our Social Psychology degree program combines a solid core in the field with a number of flexible, specialized concentrations, so you can tailor the degree to your needs and interests. You’ll gain a set of technical and conceptual tools that allow you to collect, analyze, and interpret social research data. You can apply this knowledge to a number of careers.

Social Psychology Career Opportunities

  • Social Psychology Researcher
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Political Strategist
  • Technology Designer
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Social Psychology Program Highlights

As a Social Psychology major, you’ll study the discipline within the context of a broad liberal arts education. You’ll take courses in psychology and sociology, professional writing, research methods and statistics.

Choose from a number of compelling electives, like Psychology of Gender; Influence and Persuasion; The Study of the Family; Social Deviance; Cross-cultural Psychology and Race and Ethnicity, to name a few.

As a senior, you’ll complete a capstone seminar geared toward professional development, including the creation of a professional portfolio.

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