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Park University Announces Graduates from Barstow Community College and Victor Valley College Campuses

May 29, 2020 — Park University announces its graduates from the University’s Barstow (Calif.) Community College Campus and Victor Valley College (Calif.) Campus. These graduates were scheduled to participate in a combined commencement ceremony on May 28 at the BCC Performing Arts Center, but the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The University had 34 students eligible to participate in the ceremony — six students received a master’s degree, 26 students received a bachelor’s degree, one student received a bachelor’s degree and undergraduate certificate, and one student received an associate degree.


(Name, Degree Concentration [if applicable], Hometown and High School Attended [if known])

Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership
          •  Isabel Nunez, Las Vegas, Nev.

Master of Business Administration
          •  Kyrisha Basil-Evans, Human Resource Management, Victorville, Calif. (attended Sultana High School, Hesperia, Calif.)
          •  James Edward Lee, Project Management, Barstow, Calif. (attended Central High School)
          •  Roxanne Riel Villa, Business Administration, Lacey, Wash. (attended Barstow [Calif.] High School)

Master of Public Administration
          •  Carmen V. Aguilera, Criminal Justice Administration, Sacramento, Calif.

Master of Science in Information Systems and Business Analytics
          •  Bryce Dennis Prustos, Apple Valley, Calif. (attended Barstow [Calif.] High School)


(Honors designation key ([at least 30 earned credit hours prior to the last term of enrollment at Park University]):
          •  @ — Summa Cum Laude (3.9 to 4.0 grade point average)
          •  # — Magna Cum Laude (3.7 to 3.899 GPA)
          •  $ — Cum Laude (3.5 to 3.699 GPA)
(Name, Degree Concentration [if applicable], Hometown and High School Attended [if known])

Bachelor of Public Administration
          •  Akeam C. Porter, Business Relations, West Palm Beach, Fla. (attended Forest Hill High School)

Bachelor of Science
          •  $ Anthony P. Berry, Management, Barstow, Calif. (attended William B. Travis High School, Austin, Texas)
          •  Prateek Kumar Bhatnagar, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Barstow, Calif.
          •  # Tara Latrece Drisdom, Management/Healthcare, Newberry Springs, Calif.
          •  $ Jasmine Elagha, Social Psychology, Apple Valley, Calif. (attended Barstow [Calif.] High School)
          •  Kevin A. Farrell, Management, Temecula, Calif. (attended Miami [Fla.] Northwestern High School
          •  # Juanita L. Garcia, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  Creshenda A. Givens, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  $ Holi Gonzalez, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  Nicole Hendley, Social Psychology, Yermo, Calif. (attended Silver Valley High School)
          •  Chrystal R. Hoody, Business Administration/Finance, Barstow, Calif.
          •  # Leah Kristine Hooper, Social Psychology, Euless, Texas
          •  @ Dupre C. Johnson, Social Psychology, Apple Valley, Calif. (attended Apple Valley High School)
          •  Shanga D. Jordan, Management/Healthcare, Placentia, Calif.
          •  Natasha M. Lee, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif. (attended Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles, Calif.)
          •  Amanda C. Martinez, Business Administration/Human Resources, Barstow, Calif. (attended Foy H. Moody High School, Corpus Christi, Texas)
          •  @ Jessica L. Maurice, Social Psychology, Hinkley, Calif.
          •  Mariana Padilla, Management/Human Resources, Barstow, Calif.
          •  # Carl D. Painter, Management, Barstow, Calif.
          •  $ Cortney J. Rasplicka, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif.
          •  @ Tawnie Renee Rice, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif. (attended Barstow High School)
          •  $ Brandy Rodriguez, Social Psychology, Adelanto, Calif. (attended Silverado High School, Victorville, Calif.)
          •  Pasami Lekiana Savea, Social Psychology, Victorville, Calif. (attended Federal Way [Wash.] High School)
                 o  Savea also earned an Undergraduate Certificate in A Skilled Helper/Adult
          •  $ Bryan D. Smith, Management, Hesperia, Calif. (attended Spring Hill [Kan.] High School)
          •  $ Michael Sumpter, Business Administration/Management, Victorville, Calif. (attended Stephen Decatur High School, Berlin, Md.)

Bachelor of Science in Education
          •  Morgan B. Glenn, Early Childhood Education and Leadership, Las Vegas, Nev.
          •  Masheila M. Parker, Early Childhood Education/Teaching Young Children, Barstow, Calif.

Associate of Science
          •  Riley S. Murray, Social Psychology, Barstow, Calif. (attended Silver Valley High School, Yermo, Calif.)

Undergraduate Certificate
          •  Pasami Lekiana Savea, A Skilled Helper/Adult Social Psychology, Victorville, Calif. (attended Federal Way [Wash.] High School)
                 o  Savea also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology



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