Park University Announces Graduates from MCAS Cherry Point Campus

June 1, 2018 — Park University’s Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point (N.C.) Campus held its commencement ceremony on May 31 at the Two Rivers Theater and Event Center in Havelock, N.C. The University had 57 students eligible to participate in the ceremony — six students received a master’s degree, 40 students received a bachelor’s degree, 10 students received an associate degree, and one student received an associate degree and undergraduate certificate.


(Name, Degree Concentration [if applicable], Hometown and High School Attended [if provided])

Master of Business Administration
          •  Judy E. Caudill, Human Resource Management, New Bern, N.C.
          •  Shekeka Pullins, Human Resource Management, Havelock N.C. (attended Southwest High School, Jacksonville, N.C.)
          •  Erica A. Washington, Finance, Benson, N.C.
          •  Rashida C. Williams, Business Administration, New Bern, N.C.

Master of Healthcare Administration
          •  Jasmin Danielle Ikard, Healthcare Administration, Greenville, N.C. (attended Havelock [N.C.] High School)
          •  Sherry Dawn Zayas, Healthcare Administration, Jacksonville, N.C. (attended Forestville [Md.] High School)


(Honors designation key ([at least 30 earned credit hours prior to the last term of enrollment at Park University]):
     •  @ — Summa Cum Laude (3.9 to 4.0 grade point average)
     •  # — Magna Cum Laude (3.7 to 3.899 GPA)
     •  $ — Cum Laude (3.5 to 3.699 GPA)
(Name, Degree Concentration [if applicable], Hometown and High School Attended [if provided])

Bachelor of Science
          •  @ Johnny R. Akers Jr., Management/Computer Information Systems, Chesapeake, Va.
          •  # Daniel W. Annunziata, Management and Management/Logistics, Havelock, N.C. (attended Homer [N.Y.] High School)
          •  $ Carla J. Arana, Management/Computer Information Systems, Jacksonville, N.C.
          •  # Jessica Anette Betancourt, Management, Havelock, N.C. (attended West Craven High School, Vanceboro, N.C.)
          •  Miguel A. Betancourt III, Management, Havelock, N.C. (attended Brookfield [Conn.] High School)
          •  Dwight Anthony Bletcher, Management/Logistics, Huntersville, N.C.
          •  Michael Bowen, Management, Jacksonville, N.C. (attended Lake Shore Central High School, Angola, N.Y.
          •  Thomas E. Bowser Jr., Management, Daytona Beach, Fla. (attended Cary [N.C.] High School)
          •  D’Angello Innocenti Brevett, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Havelock, N.C. (attended Boyd H. Anderson High School, Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.)
          •  Sekayi Tyquan Brown, Criminal Justice Administration/Security, Durham, N.C. (attended William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, N.C.)
          •  @ Daniel Lee Buettner, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Jacksonville, N.C.
          •  Austin Christianson, Information and Computer Science/Software Engineering, Twentynine Palms, Calif. (attended Pelham [Ala.] High School)
          •  Lauren Colantropo, Management, Babylon, N.Y.
          •  $ Jason A. Coram, Management/Logistics, San Diego, Calif. (attended Armijo High School, Fairfield, Calif.)
          •  # Alex Cruz, Information Systems, Kailua, Hawaii
          •  Barry H. Danladi, Management/Accounting, Simpsonville, S.C. (attended Wade Hampton High School, Greenville, S.C.)
          •  Robert J. Dawson II, Criminal Justice Administration, Law Enforcement, New Bern, N.C.
          •  Jeffrey T. Groff II, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Helena, Mont.
          •  Eric G. Holmes, Management/Engineering Administration, Havelock, N.C.
          •  Robert L. Hooks, Management, Hubert, N.C. (attended East Lansing [Mich.] High School)
          •  @ Matthew E. Hutchins, Information and Computer Science/Networking and Security, Havelock, N.C. (attended Chantilly [Va.] High School)
          •  Odang Inthalasy, Management/Accounting, Havelock, N.C.
          •  Tommy Ren Isaacs, Criminal Justice Administration/Corrections, Havelock, N.C.
          •  Denise Kelley, Management/Logistics, Portsmouth, Va.
          •  Trista M. Laborn, Management, New Bern, N.C.
          •  @ Michael S. Monroe, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Twentynine Palms, Calif. (attended Forest Area High School, Fife Lake, Mich.)
          •  Lamar A. Moore, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Parris Island, S.C.
          •  Robin B. Norwood, Social Psychology, New Bern, N.C.
          •  # Danielle L. Oakley, Business Administration/Management, New Bern, N.C. (attended Oblong [Ill.] High School)
          •  Lissette Mercedes Quiles Reyes, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, Fresno, Calif.
          •  David Isaac Rodriguez Lovo, Information and Computer Science/Networking and Security, Los Angeles, Calif.
          •  # Jacob V. Rogers, Criminal Justice Administration/Law Enforcement, New Bern, N.C. (attended Twentynine Palms [Calif.] High School)
          •  Jessica Yvette Santana, Management, Hemet, Calif. (attended Paloma Valley High School, Menifee, Calif.)
          •  Nicholas Anthony Stanke, Management, Holly Ridge, N.C. (attended Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, Ill.)
          •  @ Frank E. Stump, Business Administration/Management, New Bern, N.C. (attended Palmyra [Pa.] Area High School)
          •  Johnakin S. Thomas, Geography, Goldsboro, N.C.
          •  Lindsey Tears Trice, Social Psychology, Havelock, N.C. (attended Warwick [R.I.] Veterans Memorial High School)
          •  David E. Williamson, Business Administration/Marketing, Charlotte, N.C.
          •  # Kevin M. Yates, Management/Logistics, New Bern, N.C. (attended Nimitz High School, Irving, Texas)
          •  Ashley Nicole Yochum, Criminal Justice Administration/Security, Hubert, N.C. (attended Locust Grove [Okla.] High School)

Associate of Science
          •  Thomas A. Adams, Management, New Bern, N.C.
          •  Chase A. Baker, Criminal Justice Administration, Jacksonville, N.C. (attended Huntington [W.Va.] High School)
          •  Justin A. Bellm, Management, Havelock, N.C.
          •  Joseph M. Caprarola, Management, Havelock, N.C. (attended Monroe Woodbury High School, Central Valley, N.Y.)
          •  Bradley S. Cook, Management, Havelock, N.C. (attended Michigan City [Ind.] High School)
          •  William H. Forsee III, Management, Havelock, N.C.
          •  Cody Lee Mercer, Management/Logistics, Havelock, N.C. (attended Wren High School, Piedmont, S.C.)
          •  Jason Ochoa, Information and Computer Science, Havelock, N.C. (attended Brawley [Calif.] Union High School)
          •  Santiago Salas, Management, Jacksonville, N.C.
          •  Lateesha D. Taylor, Criminal Justice Administration, New Bern, N.C.
                  o  Taylor also earned an Undergraduate Certificate in Terrorism and Homeland Security
          •  Garrett Cole Watts, Information and Computer Science, Jacksonville, N.C.

Undergraduate Certificate
          •  Lateesha D. Taylor, Terrorism and Homeland Security, New Bern, N.C.
                 o  Taylor also earned an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration



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