Park University Recognizes Employee Longevity

On Sept. 16, Park University honored full-time staff and faculty who reached milestone service anniversaries between Nov. 1, 2021, and Sept. 30, 2022. Fifty-six employees were recognized, combining for 550 years of service to Park.

Park University President Shane Smeed presented Presidential Meritorious Service medallions to employees with 20-plus years of service. Four employees also received special recognition with 25-plus years of service. The following is a list of those reaching milestone service anniversaries:

30 Years
          •  Dirk Schmidt, Maintenance Worker III / HVAC

25 Years
          •  Scott Hageman, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Associate Professor of Geology/Geoscience
          •  Andrew Johnson, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
          •  Steven Youngblood, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Director of the Center for Global Peace Journalism

20 Years
          •  Amber Dailey-Hebert, Ph.D., professor of education and director of the Faculty Center for Innovation

15 Years
          •  Jorge Acosta, Custodian I
          •  Steve Bell, J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Economics
          •  Brad Biles, Director of Communications and Public Relations
          •  John Cigas, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science
          •  Lani Hayselden, Director of University Mail Services
          •  Donna Jean, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry
          •  Naomi Matthews, Student Success Coach
          •  Cathy Taylor, J.D., Director of Adjunct Faculty Orientation and Mentoring
          •  Guillermo Tonsmann, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science
          •  Amy Wolf, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

10 Years
          •  Linda Bell, Assistant Teaching Professor of Accounting
          •  Cindy Blevins, Academic Evaluator
          •  Terri Bradley, Academic Evaluator
          •  Gina Chambers, Ph.D., Assistant Teaching Professor of Education
          •  Stacy Johnson, Director of the Faculty Administrative Support Team
          •  Malissa Lockhart, Quality Assurance Coordinator
          •  Christy Myers, Academic Lead and Articulation Officer
          •  James Nelson, Chief Technology Officer
          •  Desiree Nickerson, Assistant Director of Student Success – Virtual
          •  Patty Ryberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Honors Academy
          •  Alex Silvius, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics and Chair of Natural and Physical Sciences
          •  Jennifer Statler, Associate Director of Student Financial Servivces
          •  Kathy Smith, Adjunct Services Administrator
          •  Lisa Walker-Dworak, Data Entry Specialist

5 Years
          •  Mohamed Abualjaija, D.B.A., Associate Professor of Accounting and Chair of Economics, Finance, International Business and Marketing
          •  Dana Autry, Senior Director of Adjunct Faculty Support and Engagement
          •  John Bower, Manager of Facilities Maintenance
          •  Lacey Finley, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of Management
          •  Lorraine Galindo, Student Success Coach
          •  Patrick Gallegos, Regional Director
          •  Cathy Geehan, Assistant Director of Admissions
          •  Dmitry Gimon, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics, and Director of the Master of Science in Information Systems and Business Analytics Program
          •  Kathy Howe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Literacy Education and Director of the Watson Literacy Center
          •  Gulmira Isomadinova, Military and Veteran Funding Analyst
          •  Leslie Jensby, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Director of the Bachelor of Social Work Program
          •  Amie Koci, Campus Center Director II
          •  Kari Lamer, Assistant Teaching Professor of Social Work and Director of Field Education
          •  Jack MacLennan, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Chair of National Security Studies
          •  Angela Mancuso, Transfer Admissions Counselor
          •  Greg Moore, D.B.A., Associate Dean of the School of Business and Associate Professor of Finance
          •  Kurstian Ornelas, Admissions Representative
          •  Cindy Otts, Registrar
          •  George Palacios, Admissions Representative
          •  Chelsea Platt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology and Chair of Psychology and Sociology
          •  Stacy Preston, Financial Aid Counselor
          •  Shelley Quinn, Admissions Representative
          •  Phillip Reeder, Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
          •  Jennine Wilson, Chair and Assistant Teaching Professor of Nursing
          •  Rita Wilson, Associate Registrar
          •  Brant Winn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Field Experience
          •  Madison Woodward, Online Operations Student Services Administrator



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