Submit Your Best Writing to Park’s New Journal: The Navigator

Have you spent hours researching, writing and revising an academic research paper? Creating an amazing writing project for one of your courses? After spending hours navigating the rough waters of rigorous academic work, it’s time to celebrate and share your best writing.

If you’re an undergraduate student at Park University, you can submit your academic writing for potential publication in Park’s first-ever issue of The Navigator. Publication is a great way to share your work while adding a boost to your résumé. The best writing of the year will also receive an award and a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.

To be considered for publication, your paper must have been produced for an undergraduate course at Park University, it must be publishable in both print and online forms, and is should be in compliance with Park’s academic honor code. Work that consists of both words and images is acceptable, provided it can be printed in a readable form in a print volume in black and white or grayscale. While creative spins on academic writing are accepted, pure creative writing (poems, short stories, etc.) is more suitable for Park’s creative writing journal, The Scribe.

How to submit your writing for consideration
Attach your submission to an e-mail to In the e-mail include:
          •  Your full name
          •  Your Park ID number
          •  The name of the attached piece of writing
          •  The course and instructor your paper was written for
          •  A short description of the assignment the paper was written for

While you can submit pieces at any time throughout the year, we will send acceptances twice a year in January and May for publication in the first volume (scheduled for publication in July 2021). The first deadline for consideration is coming soon — get your work in by January 15, 2021, for early consideration for this first edition. The final submission deadline for the inaugural 2020-21 volume will be May 15, 2021.

Students whose papers are accepted for publication will receive a free print copy of the journal. The journal will also be published online so you can share your work with family, friends and potential employers. Pieces will be selected for publication by the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff.

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