In today’s ceaselessly competitive economy earning a college degree is the wisest decision a person can make, but without careful fiscal planning that same degree can become a lifelong financial burden. Unnecessary student loan debt can be counterproductive to goals of financial independence and success. Financial literacy is a vital aspect of planning and funding your college education. Students of all ages and backgrounds must be aware that the decisions they make today will have implications tomorrow. It is our goal as a university to prepare and equip our students with the knowledge to fully understand the options available to them regarding not only the financial aid debt they will incur, but also how to successfully navigate the vast array of financial products, services, and providers. With sound economic decisions, the degree you worked so hard to earn will truly be the foundation of all future financial success.


National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the United States Department of Education central database for federal student aid.
NSLDS is an excellent resource for students to view their personal financial aid records. The site allows students to track the loans they’ve received and view their current servicers.

-Loan Repayment Options and Delay Repayment Options
The Department of Education is a resource that provides information about the multitude of repayment options (income based, standard, graduated repayments), that exist for students to pay off their student loans.
The Department of Education has information on how deferments and forbearances can help a student delay repayment on student loans.

Income Based Repayment Information
Having trouble making minimum payments on your student loans? Be certain to ask your servicers about Income Based Repayment. Eligible borrowers include Direct Loans and FFEL Loans. Under current IBR criteria, eligible borrowers will pay no more than 15 percent of their discretionary income and receive loan forgiveness at the 25-year mark. Beginning in 2014, eligible borrowers will pay no more than 10 percent of their discretionary income and receive loan forgiveness after 20 years.

-Spanish Language Resources
Para la comodidad de su población de habla española, los siguientes sitios web que ofrecen información sobre el proceso de ayuda financiera, Prevención de la Morosidad, y el reembolso de préstamos estudiantiles.
El aplazamiento de los préstamos estudiantiles.
Opciones de pago para los préstamos estudiantiles.
(FDIC) de Money Smart Departamento Federal de Seguros de la Corporación Programa, una herramienta de educación financiera para los estudiantes.
Los sitios de información general sobre el proceso de ayuda financiera.
Glosario de ayuda financiera.

Cashcourse: is a financial literacy tool made available, free of charge, to students by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). NEFE is a dedicated non-profit organization working in conjunction with Park University to guide students through the often rigorous financial decisions they will face before, during, and after college.

This interactive resource includes information about:

-Funding college tuition
-Financial Planning
-Credit Cards
-Credit Reports
-Identity Theft
-House and Automobile Loans

Adventures in Education 
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation provides free information for students, families, and educators on a range of topics including: planning for college, paying for college, finding a career, and managing money.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy
A free resource hosted by the American Institute of CPAs that provides students with information on how to manage money and make sound financial decisions during every stage life: from the high school graduate entering his freshman year of college to the middle-aged in the midst of financial crisis.

My Money
A free website hosted by the United States Government offering information to students on topics ranging from home loans to insurance and identity theft to credit card usage. My Money is an effective money management tool for students to use during and after college. Management 
Free resources that inform students about credit and debt, specifically linking visitors to relevant articles regarding the following topics: how to repair credit, how to pay off debt effectively, how to avoid financial scams, and how to build credit. The site also provides visitors with information regarding rights as a consumer.

A free and handy budgeting app for handheld devices.

Financial Aid Repayment Calculator 
The Department of Education provides students an easy to use calculator that will estimate how much a loan repayment will be on a monthly schedule based on the amount of a student’s loan debt.

Free Credit Report
The only free credit report available online. Access reports from each of the nationwide consumer credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

Smart About Money – a program of the National Endowment for Financial Education, which has many tools and resources to help with financial decision making and money management.

Student Basics for Financial Literacy – informational guide about scholarships, loans and planning for the future.

Financial Literacy for Parents and Students – a short guide created by College Parents of America and MasterCard focusing on budgeting and credit.

Reduce the amount of loan you are responsible for paying back by utilizing scholarships. This link provides a student access to the Park University Scholarship Program, which will allow you to apply for credible local and national scholarships.

Career Development Center
Help pay for the cost of college by finding full or part time work. The Park University Career Development Center helps students find open positions, organize resumes, and prepare for job interviews.

Payment Plans 
Instead of taking out the complete cost of tuition in loan monies, check out Park University’s payment plans to see if paying for a portion of your tuition out of pocket is an option.

Work Study Program 
Reduce the amount of your overall loans by participating in the Park University Student Employment Program, featuring flexible positions on and off our Parkville campus. A great way to reduce loan debt and train for a career.

Reduce the amount of next year’s student loans by utilizing your education tax credits to pay for tuition.


US Department of Health & Human Services
Provides valuable information about diseases and illness prevention practices such as: exercise & fitness, diet & nutrition, healthy living, vaccination & immunization, health screenings, and the environment.

Health Resources and Services Administrations 
This website provides visitors with information on how to find health resources inside their own community.


-Department of Labor and USA Jobs
The Department of Labor website provides general information on labor rights in the United States as well as information on occupational safety and health.
USA Jobs provides visitors with a list of current open positions in the U.S. Government.

Provides information about how to apply for unemployment benefits.

Social Security Administration 
Social Security Administration provides resources and information to visitors about retirement, disability, and Medicare benefits.

Provides information on how to qualify for welfare benefits.

Food Stamps 
Provides information on how to qualify for food stamps.


Community Action Partnership 
Community Action Partnership is an organization that helps low income families locate resources in all 50 states to help counter the devastating effects of poverty.


Department of Housing and Urban Development 
HUD website provides visitors information about housing, help for struggling homeowners, and information about qualifying for loans and purchasing HUD homes.


-US Department of Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy websites provide information about energy initiatives, how to lower energy use, and renewable forms of energy. There is also a link provided for the information on how to qualify for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program.


United States Department of Justice 
Stay up to date on recent laws and court decisions that may have an impact on your life. This site also provides links to other department of justice agencies including: the Attorney Generals’ office, the office for Victims of Crime, the office on Violence Against Women, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and many more.

Law Help 
This free website provides visitors information about lawyers and law firms in their respective communities that supply services for low income clients.

Senior Services:

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
This website helps seniors locate services for care in their communities.

Website featuring a wide range of information targeted specifically for seniors.


US Department of Veterans Affairs 
Veterans Affairs website provides information about benefits veterans qualify for and provides resources for the well being of our nations veterans in general.


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)
FDIC is a government resource regarding banking and banking practices.


National Association of Insurance Commissioners 
Provides consumer resources concerning various types of insurance.

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