Tuition FAQ

Q: How will I know what rate I qualify for?

A: Your Admissions Representative or Success Advisor will happily work through all available options with you to be sure you get the proper tuition rate.  All locations have a specific rate that applies to face to face coursework different from the online per credit hour rate.  Special rates apply to military status and to qualify you’ll need to present one of the following when registering for courses:

  • Active Duty service members, Dependents of Active Duty service members, and those currently serving in the National Guard or Army Reserves must present a copy of a current Leave and Earnings Statement or Current Orders of the active service member to qualify.
  • Veterans of the Armed Forces must present a copy of the DD214 or Certificate of Eligibility to qualify for the Veteran tuition rate.
  • Students lawfully present in the U.S. on a nonimmigrant visa will be charged the International tuition rate.

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Q: How will I know for sure I am getting charged the correct amount?

A: Following your registration your Admissions Representative or Success Advisor will confirm your status.  Your tuition rate status will also appear on your Student Data Sheet (your bill) labeled and in the amount per the category that fits your status best.