About Continuing Education

Park University is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for all learners. At Park University, where quality matters, we extend our teaching resources beyond traditional programs. Through credit courses, non-credit courses, workshops and conferences. Park University recognizes that continuing education is important for the economic growth of our Nation.


Continuing Education at Park University provides outreach, professional development, and enrichment programs that afford learners an opportunity to advance their career and enrich their lives. Continuing education offerings may be taken as stand-alone courses, or the credits may be applied towards the completion of a certificate program, or may be applied towards the completion of a degree program at Park University.


Park University’s Continuing Education Program will provide quality lifelong learning initiatives locally and nationally through innovative education opportunities and outreach programs for adult learners.


  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Stimulating intellectual and cultural growth while supporting and achieving diversity
  • Access to traditional and non-traditional students
  • High quality academic programs to meet the needs of the changing student population
  • Effective partnerships with public and private organizations, learning institutions, and agencies
  • Innovative educational opportunities for learners in a global society

Park University’s degree programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Park University is a private, non-profit, institution of higher learning since 1875.