Analyze, critique and contribute to a dynamic global community.

What is communication studies?

At Park University, our Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program is designed to prepare students to pursue successful professional careers in communications or post graduate study. With many areas of focus to choose from, a communications degree can provide you with the tools you need to pursue a range of professional and academic paths.

The degree in communication explores the essentials of effective communications, including proficiency in soft skill areas such as active listening, as well as clarity of messaging, the role of body language within communication, verbal skills, and written communications.

Locations & Learning Options

As a student in our bachelor’s in communication program, you’ll be required to take face-to-face classes at our Parkville, Missouri campus. This communications degree requires a minimum of 122 completed credit hours, including 45 hours of degree-specific core curriculum courses and 18 hours for a required minor in a different discipline. Refer to your catalog for a complete listing of coursework for this degree.


  • Parkville

Dr. Tim Westcott

Dr. Timothy Charles Westcott

Chair, Department of Culture & Society
Professor of History

Dr. Mark Noe

Graduate Program Director, Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership
Professor of Communication

Lora Cohn

Dr. Lora Cohn

Associate Professor of Communication

Steven Youngblood

Associate Professor of Communication

Dr Abhijit Mazumdar

Dr. Abhijit Mazumdar

Assistant Professor of Journalism

Courtney Rilinger

Dr. Courtney Rilinger

Assistant Professor of Communications

Communication studies is about becoming a thinker, a leader and an innovator.

At Park University, our goal is to help our students learn how to think, to lead, to innovate, to appreciate, to critique, and to develop a deeper sense of what it is to be a citizen of the world and the community. During your time as a student in our Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies program, you will remain actively involved in pursuing your professional goals during your academic journey.

communication studies Career opportunities

  • Communications Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Public Relations Strategist
  • Event Planner
group of students
group of students around table

Bachelor of Arts in communication Program Highlights

If you are interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies degree, you will study in an environment that combines hands-on learning with great ideas. You may write, design, edit or photograph for the student newspaper, The Stylus, or hold an air shift for the student radio station, KGSP-FM. You may be actively involved in public relations campaigns and can become a campus leader through the Communication Connection.

Communication requires both a deep sense of understanding and an ability to take action. The combination of study and experience will help equip you with the vast range of knowledge and skills needed by communication professionals in fields from advertising and marketing to mass media. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication will help prepare you to stand out as a job candidate when pursuing career opportunities in the future.

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