Information Systems & Business Analytics

Learn how to use data to analyze and innovate with a master’s degree that gives you a competitive edge in business and beyond. By the end of the master’s program, students are able to analyze large datasets to identify patterns and make recommendations for various business divisions, such as information technology, financing, marketing, and sales.

The Master in Information Systems and Business Analytics is a STEM degree program. International students pursuing this master’s degree have the opportunity to apply for up to 3 years of work experience after graduation.

Earn an MS ISBA through study in China and the U.S.

Park University’s partnership with Zijing Education offers students in China an opportunity to earn an MS ISBA through study in China and the U.S.

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Park-Zijing Partnership Program

Earn a Master of Science in Information Systems & Business Analytics through study in China and the United States. Learn more »

Throughout this program, students will develop technical, managerial, and strategic acumen needed to support decisions made in business, such as marketing, strategic planning, operations, or other fields, such as medical data analysis and government planning.

Locations & Learning Options

We understand for many of our students, flexibility is a necessity. Our Master in Information Systems and Business Analytics program is available entirely online or at certain locations in a blended format of online and in person.

MS Online on Your Time

Courses in the Information Systems and Business Analytics Master degree program are offered online. If you want face-to-face classes, we offer blended courses at specific campus centers across the country. Each weekly class session includes a physical classroom and online component. While face-to-face, your instructors facilitate in-class activities that promote collaborative learning and provide opportunities to apply what you learn.


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Admission Requirements

The Master of Science in Information Systems and Business Analytics will require applicants to meet the same admissions requirements as any other graduate program is business.

  1. A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S. or from an accredited foreign institution of higher learning.
  2. Minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale from all colleges and universities attended.
  3. Completion of an undergraduate Statistics course with a grade equivalent of “C” or higher.
  4. Submission of a 300-word essay describing how an ISBA degree will facilitate their future career goals.
  5. Students with a cumulative grade point average below 3.0 may be considered for conditional admission. Submission of additional documentation may be required by the Program Director.

Admission to Park University’s Master of Science in Information Systems and Business Analytics program is open to graduates of all fields of undergraduate study.

Types of Admission

Students will be admitted to the Master of Business Administration program with one of the following admission statuses:

  1. Full Admission – Applicants who meet all admission requirements and the Graduate Admissions office has received all necessary documents, are granted full admission.
  2. Provisional Admission – Students may be admitted to a program on a provisional basis and their admission status will be classified as “provisional.” The provisional status will be removed when applicants submit test scores or other required documents. Students accepted provisionally must submit complete and satisfactory records before completing 12 credit hours in the graduate program.
  3. Conditional Admission – In certain exceptional cases, a student who does not meet the minimum grade point average requirement, but who presents other evidence of ability to succeed in a graduate program, may be granted probational admission by the director of the graduate program in which the applicant is applying, in concurrence with the dean or designee. The probationary status may be removed after the student has demonstrated academic ability by maintaining a “B” average for the first six credit hours of graduate courses, with no grade lower than a “B”.

Dr. Dmitry Gimon

Director of Information Systems and Business Analytics
Associate Professor

Abdelmonaem Jornaz

Dr. Abdelmonaem Jornaz

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics

In the Information Systems and Business Analytics graduate program, you’ll sharpen your analytical skills, your understanding of large datasets, and your capacity to make decisions using data. You will be well prepared to gain professional advantage for careers in data analysis or jobs responsible for making decisions.

Information Systems & Business Analytics Jobs

  • Business Analyst
  • Management Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
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Measure up

This graduate degree is a combination of business and data analytics classes, geared to prepare you for a variety of data analytics careers. Technical background is not required for this program. If you have programming skills, you will easily be able to apply that knowledge to data analysis and gain opportunities to work in scientific computing and big data analytics.

Hands-on Tech Experiences from Day One

Our students engage in hands-on tech experiences right away, tackling coding and databases in the very first class. Learn to create, analyze, and visualize data reports using industry-standard technologies and tools like Python, Hadoop, SQL and Tableau.

Kickstart your career

In your final semester, you will complete a capstone project using real-world data, while building a portfolio and connections with potential employers.

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