Business Analytics

Learn how to use big data to drive business decisions.

What is Business Analytics?

The Business Analytics program is located in the Robert W. Plaster School of Business. The program aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge in business analytics, which will allow them bridging technologies and data-driven decision-making in business and other relevant fields. The Business Analytics certificate program prepares students to understand how technology helps working with data, how to convert analytical questions into a set of actions, and how to use appropriate tools to perform them. Business analytics major students will have the opportunity to practice working with big data, data mining, predictive models, data visualization, and/or conduct analysis of marketing or web data.

Locations & Learning Options

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  • Online
  • Parkville
  • Gilbert
  • Campus Centers





Adrian James

Dr. Adrian James

Associate Dean Graduate Programs
Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Dmitry Gimon

Associate Professor

Dr. Greg Moore

Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. Donna Ehrlich

Associate Teaching Professor

The Business Analytics master’s program combines skills, technologies, applications and processes to gain actionable insights that can drive business planning using big data.

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Business Analytics Career Opportunities

  • Data scientist
  • Business analyst
  • Business consultant
  • Quantitative analyst/modeler

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