Research Course Policies and Procedures



LE100 Honors Section

Spring Semester Service Project


HN250: Honors Leadership Seminar
Prerequisite LE100

This course provides students with insight into the nature and scope of leadership as well as its successes, limitations and failures. Students will examine the core traits, behaviors, and values of what makes effective leaders by focusing on self-awareness, reflection, individual effectiveness, and self-assessment to learn to recognize and utilize the differences between themselves and others. They will learn and apply leadership skills that encourage them to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions about what constitutes a leader. They will grow in their ability to think and respond as leaders in whatever settings they serve. 2:0:2

HN299: Introduction to Undergraduate Research 
Prerequisite HN250, or permission of Honors Academy Director

This course introduces research methods from across undergraduate disciplines. It addresses topics such as how to conduct literature searches, create annotated bibliographies, critically read and analyze research articles, research ethics, IRB requirements, and designing and developing their mentor-led research project. 2:0:2


HN303: Honors Scholarship I
Prerequisite: HN299

This independent study course is structured in which the Honors student works one-on-one with a selected faculty mentor towards completion their individual Honors Research Project. 2:0:2

HN304: Honors Scholarship II
Prerequisite: HN303

This independent study course is structured in which the Honors student continues to work one-on-one with their selected faculty mentor to complete their individual Honors Research Project. 2:0:2


HN400: Honors Seminar
Prerequisite: Permission of Honors Academy Director

This is an optional course only for students who need an additional semester to complete their individual Honors Research Project. 2:0:2
*This course is not part of the regular honors curriculum

HN410: Honors Capstone
Prerequisite: HN304

This is an interdisciplinary seminar in which students will examine links between their disciplines in real world situations/current events and Park’s core values. 2:0:2

Grading System

The Honors Academy awards weighted grades; a grade of “A” will contribute 5 points to calculation of the GPA, rather than the traditional 4 points. Thus, heightened expectations exist for the quality of performance by an Honors Academy student who earns an “A.” This course will have a notation of honors grade on the transcript. The following scale is used to ensure that only extraordinary work receives a grade of:

HA = 95–100%
HB = 85–94%
HC = 77–84%
HD = 69–76%
Below a 69% = F (no HF is available)

It is important to understand that a B in a HN class is numerically equivalent to an A in a regular course.

If you withdraw from a class and receive either a W or a WF, those hours will count toward your scholarship credit load.

Requirements for Completion of Program

Receiving an HA or HB in the five courses of the Honors Program: HN250, HN299, HN303, HN304, HN410.

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