International Student Ambassadors

We welcome almost 250 international students from over 60 countries and here are just a few who can be contacted about their experience as a Park Pirate!


Mateus Nacimento MartinsBrazil

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

I made the choice of coming to Park University because it is an international campus with so many different cultures. This is given me many new experiences and opportunities that I would not have back home. I also decided to come to Park because of the exceptional volleyball program and I am proud to be a part of it. I would be happy to help you if you have any questions.


Aadarsh Chandan, India

Languages spoken: English, Hindi

I came to Park University in January 2017. I chose Park University because of its affordable fee structure and diverse educational programs that are offered here. The international exposure that I knew I would receive at Park University was also one of the main reasons for my decision. Contacting an International Student Ambassador can help you get involved with various extra-curricular activities and orientation opportunities.

Battulga Bolormaa

Languages spoken: Mongolian and English

Hello, my name is Battulga. I am a graduate student at Park since January of 2019. As an international student, I have really enjoyed the school environment and Park community. Our main campus is located very close to the Missouri River. You can feel nature all the time while studying at Park University. I would be happy to help the new international students adapting Park’s culture, helping them to be successful in their future careers. Let me know if you have questions!

Saeed Al-Awlaqi
, Yemen

Languages spoken: Arabic, English


I’m happy that I made the right choice for choosing Park University for my higher studies. Park University has a great environment that encourages students to do their best. It has great facilities and a supportive environment. In addition, many international students from all over the world are studying at Park, which makes Park University a fun place to learn and exchange knowledge. I would be happy to answer any question you have and to help you to be a part of this awesome community.

Rinku Gopali, Nepal

Languages spoken: Nepali, Newari, Hindi and English


I love making new friends and learning about different cultures. I want to help International students to adjust here in Park. If you have any questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to assist you. Park has helped me explore my potentials better. It also provides a lot of resources for our student success. #Go Pirates!!

Rodrigo Lima, Brazil

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish


I enjoy being an International Student Ambassador because I want to represent my country at Park University and help new students from Brazil and all other countries as well. I love Park because it’s my new home. Everyone here has always treated me well and I’;m very happy to play on Park’s soccer team.

Ozoda Narzullaeva, Uzbekistan

Languages spoken: English and Russian


It so exciting to be a Park Pirate! So many opportunities offered here, so why not to use them?
As an international student myself, I know how it feels to come to a totally new environment. When you need assistance, we are here to help you!

Huan Yan, China

Languages spoken: Chinese(Mandarin), English


Being an international student myself, I have really enjoyed the diverse cultures and connections with all the students from all around the world here at Park. We have such a good community here. Plus, Park offers the high-quality education with affordable tuition lead by amazing faculty who always put students first.  Studying at Park is a really good experience.  I will be happy to help you with all the questions that you have. Please feel free to reach me out at any time!

Stefanie Rettenbacher, Austria
Languages spoken: German

Hi, my name is Stefanie and I became a Park Pirate in 2016. Park refers to itself as “One Family” and that is really what it is. What I like the most is the great diversity and friendliness on campus – I felt welcome ever since I first came here. As an international student you will be exposed to an entirely different culture which can be overwhelming sometimes. I am happy to share my experiences and help fellow international students from Europe and anywhere else with questions you may have and of course with integration and connection on campus.

Lenvix OchiengKenya
Languages spoken: English and Swahili

Being far away from home can sometimes feel intimidating, the history and tradition of USA can be overwhelming too, but Park University gave me a home away from home.  Park provides a caring and supportive atmosphere focused on international students through a variety of academic and Student Life resources. I am happy to be a Park Pirate and blessed to be one of the international student ambassadors, which is fulfilling work, as I will not only get to meet with students from around the world but also help guide them to make the most of their university experience here at Park University.

Matthew Jonsen, England
Languages spoken: English

I am very proud to be part of the Park University family. It is a fantastic university, with a beautiful campus and great facilities. One of the unique selling points for me is that Park University has a very good international student base. This is nice because it allows students of different origins to come together while studying for their degree, and for some to represent the university in a sport. Adjusting to a new country can be difficult, but it has been made much easier by coming here. If anyone has any questions or queries, I am very open and willing to answer those to the best of my ability.

Zahra Mansoursharifloo
Languages: Farsi/Persian

Hello everyone, my name is Zahra. I have been a Master’s student at Park University since August 2019. For me, picking a university in the United States wasn’t an easy decision. I had some high expectations and wanted my future university to meet all of them. After searching, I found Park University, and I applied! Here at Park University, you can not only study your favorite major, but also have the support of the “One Family”. If you have any questions about Park University, You can ask me. I will respond ASAP, and I am happy to serve you.

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