Academic Expansion Space and PDL

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To access the ACADEMIC EXPANSION SPACE and the PARK DISTANCE LEARNING areas by walking, please use the President Condit exit (between McCoy Meetin' House and Herr House parking lot). Be careful when walking in the underground areas. You may also access these spaces by traveling through the Millsap Foyer Entrance to the Underground. 

Please note classes taking place at the Academic Expansion Space are coded as MA (Mabee). 

Park Avenue


Park Avenue can be discoverd by walking through the Mabee Learning Center 200 Corridor and continuing down the hallway. At the end of the Mabee Learning Center hallway, you can look left and see enter the Park Avenue space. This is number 35 on the embedded map. 

The Mabee Learning Center and Academic Plaza

The Mabee Learning Center/Academic Plaza (formerly Academic Expansion Space) is accessible from the front of campus and the 6th street Entrance. Offices in the MLC/AP (also known as the 200 Corridor) include:

  • Career Development Center
  • Financial Literacy Center
  • Scholarship Coordinator
  • Student Employment Services
  • Testing Center
  • ROTC office/classroom
  • IT Help Desk
  • Bookstore
  • Copy Center
  • University Mail Services
  • Park Student Government Association
  • Student Leadership and Engagement Office

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Department Locations

Ahoy, matey! Due to part of the Academic Underground being closed, some things have moved around campus. Here are the new locations for offices previously located in the underground.

The Academic Support Center has been moved to the newly renovated Norrington Center. ASC staff can be found on the second floor. For additional assistance, call (816) 584-6332 or e-mail
The McAfee Memorial Library and Learning Commons are part of the newly renovated Norrington Center. Library staff can be found at the front desk and on the second floor. For additional assistance, and to access Park’s online catalog, databases and interlibrary loan services, visit
The Student Success Center has been moved to the Herr House First Floor Lounge.

Updated Service Locations

Some of the buildings at Park are serving as new locations for services. Below are a list of these buildings. 

  • Student Success Center – First Floor Lounge

  • Financial Aid Counselors – First Floor Lounge

  • Admissions Counselors – First Floor Offices

Directions to Herr House
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Psychology
  • Classrooms identified as MA
Directions to Academic Plaza (formerly Academic Expansion Space) 
  • Collaboration/Gaming Spaces
  • Renovated Graphic Design Department
  • Renovated Watson Literacy CenterDepartment of Nursing
Directions to Park Avenue 

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