Ink Printing at Park University




Park University is announcing a new, more accessible way for you to print documents on the Parkville Campus — Ink.

Ink allows students 24-hour, on-demand access to print documents from any device you choose, including Park University kiosk laptops, computers in the Computer Lab, your personal computer, or even your phone or tablet. And it’s as easy as swiping your Park ID card or visiting to get started (students who don’t have an ID card can login through MyPark at the kiosk to access your funds). 



Parkville, Downtown Kansas City and Independence campus students are provided with $20 credit every semester, redeemable at the Ink kiosks, which are currently located in the following locations on the Parkville Campus




More kiosks could be added in the future as the system becomes more popular. If you need immediate assistance using the ink kiosks, please examine our help site here: 



The $20 can be used for paper printing, copying and faxing at the kiosks, while using the scanner is free. The following rates have been set:

  • One-Sided Black and White — $.05 per sheet of paper
  • Duplex Black and White — $.09 per sheet of paper
  • Single-Page Color — $.15 per sheet of paper
  • Duplex Color — $.25 per sheet of paper

With a $20 credit each semester, students have enough funds to print 400 sheets of black and white single-sided paper! The Office of Information Technology Services and Office of Student Life, in conjunction with the Student Technology Fee Committee, are pleased to bring Kansas City area students this 21st century printing solution. Questions about the Ink kiosks and/or the Student Technology Fee should contact

How to get started


When at a Smart Station touch your Student ID Card to the NFC card reader to log- in or visit and use your MyPark username and password to get started with your print job.

Check out our helpful getting started video here: 


Here are the five ways to print from an Internet-connected device:

Attach and email your document to Then access and print this document at any INK kiosk.

Login to using your MyPark credentials and upload your document to the InkCloud. Then access and print this document from the InkCloud at any INK kiosk.

Save your document to a USB flash drive. Then insert this drive into the USB port on any INK kiosk to access and print your document.

Login to using your MyPark credentials and connect to another cloud account (e.g. Google Drive, Box, Dropbox). Upload your document to your cloud account; then access and print this document from your cloud account at any INK kiosk.

Login to and click on "File - Print" to download the printer driver to your Windows or MacOS computer. Once installed, you can choose the INK kiosk as your document's print destination.  Access and print your document from the InkCloud at any INK kiosk.


Why Use Ink?

  • Print anywhere on campus, at any time
  • Instant access to all of your cloud files
  • Crisp high quality printouts
  • It’s eco-friendly (unlike your printer)
  • Scan documents directly to cloud services
  • Super easy to use

For more information please visit