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In 2020, the Center for Global Peace Journalism will continue to publish a semi-annual magazine, “The Peace Journalist.”  The Center completed a year-long PJ project in Northern Ireland in March, and is conducting virtual seminars and workshops with journalists in Sudan and Yemen. In addition, the Center’s director, using a State Dept. alumni grant, is leading a media literacy project in the Kansas City area. Peace journalism projects in Ukraine and Luxembourg have been postponed due to Covid-19.

In 2019, the Center’s director made two visits to Northern Ireland  to teach peace journalism on a State Dept. grant. The director was also invited to present at the World Forum for Democracy  in Strasbourg, France. In 2018, director Steven Youngblood was named a U.S. Senior Subject Specialist for Peace Journalism by the U.S. State Department. In this role, was engaged in a number of PJ projects in Ethiopia from January to May, 2018.

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The October 2020 edition features a special report from Uganda, as well as stories about how peace journalists are overcoming Covid-19 in Sudan, Cameroon, Yemen, and elsewhere.

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What is Peace Journalism?

Peace Journalism is when editors and reporters make choices that improve the prospects for peace. These choices, including how to frame stories and carefully choosing which words are used, create an atmosphere conducive to peace and supportive of peace initiatives and peacemakers, without compromising the basic principles of good journalism. (Adapted from Lynch/McGoldrick, Peace Journalism). Peace Journalism gives peacemakers a voice while making peace initiatives and non-violent solutions more visible and viable.

To learn more about the basics of PJ, including some key principles and how PJ can be used in daily reporting, you can download our 2-page brochure, “Peace Journalism: An Introduction.

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The Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University promotes the concepts of peace and peace journalism. More


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