Study Abroad Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Study abroad Programs

Federal student aid (awarded from your FAFSA application) and some Park University scholarships can be used to help fund Study Abroad programs that grant credits transferable to your Park University degree program. Non-credit study abroad programs and study abroad courses that do not count toward degree completion are not eligible for federal student aid.

After you have met with the Park University Study Abroad coordinator and had your application for transfer credit for study abroad courses evaluated by your student success coach and/or Park University Registrar’s office, a financial aid counselor will meet with you to discuss the estimated program costs outlined by Study Abroad. Your financial aid counselor will review the aid you will be eligible to receive against the Study Abroad program costs to provide guidance on funding any gap between your financial aid and the program costs.

All transfer credit review and financial aid funding review must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to your departure date. The Study Abroad department will submit your invoices for Park exchange programs to the student accounts office before your departure.

All federal student aid will be disbursed according to the Park University semester schedule. If your departure will be before the start of the Park University semester, please plan to have spending money and any program fees paid out of pocket. Once the Study Abroad term starts, Park University Study Abroad will communicate with your host school to ensure that you have started all planned courses and are participating academically so that financial aid eligibility can be established and disbursed. Any excess financial aid after Park student bill is paid will be refunded to you within 14 days after disbursement. Be sure that you set up direct deposit before you leave the country so that funding will be sent directly to your bank account.

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