Veterans Affairs Materials

Applying for Your Veteran Benefits

Establishing VA Education: Students who have never received benefits should check with the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish their eligibility by calling the Regional Processing Office nearest them. Students who have previously received benefits should call the Regional Office to determine what is required to reestablish benefits. All application forms are processed through the Park University Campus attending. A copy of your DD-214 should be attached to the original application only.

Certificate of Eligibility

Once the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has received and processed the complete application, the student will receive a Certificate of Eligibility via mail. The student must provide a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to the Park University Campus attending in order to receive benefits. The Certificate of Eligibility indicates the Chapter of Educational benefits for which the student is eligible, the students file number, the number of months of entitlement and the date on which the benefits expire.

Park University will submit VA Form 22-1999, Enrollment Certification to the DVA for processing and payment. For continuing students, the DVA averages 4 – 6 weeks for payment of benefits. The payment of benefits for new or transfer students takes 6 – 8 weeks.

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