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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Form
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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured at the end of the Spring semester each academic year.  Your financial aid eligibility for the upcoming award year is based on the outcome of that measurement.  All students applying for federal aid must be meeting SAP regardless of being financial aid recipients to be eligible Title IV funding.

SAP is measured on three standards: Qualitative, Pace & Timeframe

Note: These standards apply to federal aid and do not necessarily reflect the academic progress measured by Park University.

  • Qualitative: You must successfully meet the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.  This measurement only includes the credit hours you have taken at Park University.
  • Pace:  The number of Park credit hours that you have successfully completed divided by the number of Park credit hours that you have attempted. You must complete 67% of your attempted credit hours to pass this component.
  • Timeframe: You must be making progress toward a degree. To quantify academic progress there is a maximum timeframe in which you are expected to finish a program.  Accumulation of excess credits results in not meeting timeframe standards. Excess credits are anything over 150% of the program length. See example below.

Example of an undergraduate student who does not meet timeframe standards:

This student, whose program requires 120 credits toward graduation, has accumulated 190 credits thus exceeding the 150% maximum timeframe.

Degree credit requirements150%CumulativeSAP Status
120180190Not Met
  1. Failure to meet the minimum standard outlined in this policy statement will suspend future semesters/terms of financial aid. The suspension of eligibility will begin with terms immediately following the conclusion of the spring semester. Students will be notified of suspension via Park email.
  2. Credit hours transferred in and accepted toward degree completion at Park University are used in the calculation of measuring timeframe for satisfactory academic progress. It is important to note that while credit hours are transferred in, grades are not transferred.
  3. The maximum time frame a student is expected to finish a program of study and receive financial aid cannot exceed 150% of the total length of the program based on credit hours applied to their declared degree program.
  4. Grades of (F), (I), (WF) and/or W (withdrawing) from classes after aid is disbursed, will impact SAP.
  5. An incomplete (I) grade, after the enrollment period has ended, will be considered as a failure (F) until such time as the (I) grade is removed for passing grade. For Consortium Agreements, an incomplete (I) grade must be transferred to Park within 8 weeks of the end of the term. If not transferred within this 8 week time frame, it would be considered as a failure (F).
    If a passing grade is NOT earned for the incomplete grade OR the grade earned results in a cumulative GPA that is less than a 2.00, the student could at that time be suspended from financial aid eligibility.
  6. Repeated coursework – financial aid is available for the first repeat of any previously passed course. Each attempt is factored into pace and the timeframe allowance. Financial aid is also available for repeated coursework for failed courses; each attempt is calculated for pace and timeframe components.


If you lose federal and institutional aid eligibility because you are not meeting the SAP Cumulative GPA or Pace standards, you may regain eligibility in one of the following ways:

  1. Submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form with supporting documentation. You must have an extenuating circumstance for the basis of your appeal, all appeals require 3rd party documentation; a student statement alone is not sufficient documentation. See the SAP Appeal form for additional information on the requirements for submitting an appeal.
  2. Complete credit hours to make up deficiencies in hours and/or to bring up the cumulative GPA using your own resources at Park University. Courses taken must be chosen in consultation with an Academic Advisor or Student Success Coach. Once you successfully pass the annual SAP measurement at the end of the spring term you are eligible for Title IV funding for courses going forward. Students may also chose to have their progress evaluated outside of the measurement period to track progress. You must advance toward attaining a degree and adhere to SAP Standards. Students will request an evaluation through completing an appeal.
  3. If a student has lost federal and institutional aid eligibility because they are not meeting the SAP Timeframe standard, you must submit a SAP Appeal Form along with an academic plan for approval in order to regain eligibility.
  4. Students who have been approved for financial aid by the appeal process are monitored at the end of each semester for progress towards meeting the SAP criteria. Students who fail to progress will not be eligible for financial aid until adequate progress towards degree completion has been made.

Once you regain eligibility, you will be awarded financial aid for the following term subject to your financial aid eligibility and the availability of funds.

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