Office of Sponsored Programs


The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs is to enhance the environment for research and creative activities at Park University, to encourage and facilitate external funding for faculty projects, and to support the University’s pursuit of academic excellence.

The Office assists faculty in the process of applying for external funding in support of research, professional, and creative activities including: basic research, applied research, fellowships, curriculum development, community outreach, international exchange, sabbatical support, and faculty-guided student research.


  • Funding opportunity research
  • Targeting funding alerts
  • Obtaining and preparing application forms
  • Enrollment in Responsible Conduct of Research Training
  • Interpreting agency guidelines
  • Funding opportunity and proposal-writing workshops
  • Editing proposals
  • Developing budgets
  • Communicating with funding agencies
  • Submitting electronic and hardcopy applications
  • Negotiating awards
  • Developing and negotiating contracts
  • Tracking post-award
  • Announcing and publicizing grant awards


  • To clarify the procedures for applying for external grants and awards, and to streamline them as much as possible.
    Application procedure guidelines and a new Pre-Proposal Review Form is available by contacting OSPR.
  • To provide common institutional data useful at the grant writing stage. 
    This may be financial information such as the University’s tax exempt status information, the indirect cost/Facilities & Administration (F&A) rate, or the benefit rate on various categories of grant employees. It may be outcomes information such as the number of majors in a particular department or division over the past five years, or the number of publications authored by members of the Park faculty. Or, it may be compliance information such as policies surrounding human subjects or rules governing the charging of faculty time to grants. We will in some cases have that information on hand, and in other cases, we will work with grant writers and other University offices to find it.
  • To assist in developing grant budgets, especially at the early stages.
  • To discuss with grant writers the need for University matching funds, commitments of space or equipment, salary supplements, and release time from teaching.
    In most cases, Deans are authorized to make such commitments. The signature of a Dean on a Pre-Proposal Review Form signifies authorization.
  • To assist Principal Investigators in the administration of their grants.
    The OSPR office will not take on the responsibilities of the Controller’s Office or Human Resources, but it will offer guidance on the policies and services of these and other University offices and, where necessary, work with these offices to resolve questions and problems.
  • To advocate for the needs of grant applicants and grant recipients.

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