Campus Safety

About Campus Safety


The Park University Campus Safety Department is a 24/7, professional, proactive safety resource for the Park University community. We accomplish our mission by securing, monitoring, enforcing and providing administrative resources while offering visibility to the community, coordination of safety related activities and acting as a liaison with local emergency services.


  1. Community wide safety, security and emergency training
  2. Increase community awareness of resources Campus Safety provides
  3. Improve on usability and availability of security technology resources
  4. Document accurately all safety and security related reports for the Park community
  5. Maintain a positive relationship with local outside agencies


The Department of Campus Safety has three types of employees:
  • Full-time uniformed officers
  • Student officers
  • Dispatchers (full-time and student)

Duties of Campus Safety Dispatcher
  • Dispatching campus safety officers when and where needed.
  • Answering and monitoring campus safety radio transmissions.
  • Monitoring and alerting officers of severe weather conditions.
  • Providing information to visitors, staff and students.
  • Taking calls on the university telephone system.
  • Providing quality customer service to the public.
  • Processing campus parking violations.
  • Issuing campus parking permits.
  • Activating security access rights.

* Officers are trained in First Aid, CPR and AED usage.

Duties of Campus Safety Officer
  • Patrolling the main campus, buildings and commercial underground areas.
  • Maintaining order on campus and curing special events.
  • Enforcing university policies (traffic, drug, alcohol).
  • Investigating criminal activities on university premises.
  • Responding to medical emergencies.*
  • Securing and unsecuring buildings and doors as scheduled.
  • Inspecting fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.
  • Checking for safety hazards.
  • Emergency management planning.