Traffic and Parking Regulations


Staff, Faculty and students are required to register their vehicle with Park University Campus Safety.

To complete the form, you will need your driver’s license, vehicle insurance card, and license plate number. Once you have completed the online vehicle registration process, respond to Campus Safety with your Driver’s License and active proof of insurance and a sticker will be issued.

Please bring your Park ID, driver’s license, registration, insurance information, and vehicle information with you to Campus Safety. After issued, the sticker must be affixed to the lower left-hand side of the rear window of the vehicle by peeling off the backing to the sticker and adhering to the window in the designated area mentioned above.

Registering your vehicle is important. In the case of an emergency involving your vehicle, the Park University Department of Campus Safety will use the registration number to locate and notify you of the emergency.


Because of the importance of vehicle registration the following rules are in effect:

  • All vehicles on campus driven by students, faculty, and staff must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety.
  • Upon registration, you will be issued a Park University sticker that must be  affixed to the lower left-hand side of the rear window of the vehicle by peeling off the backing to the sticker and adhering to the window in the designated area (motorcycles on the fender.)
  • If you drive more than one vehicle to campus on a regular basis, each vehicle must be registered and will be issued a sticker that must be on that vehicle.
  • All vehicles registered or parked on campus must be properly licensed and insured.
  • Unregistered vehicles are subject to receiving a citation from Park University Campus Safety.


Vehicles driven on campus by residential students are required to display a green residential student vehicle registration sticker. As a residential student you may park your vehicle in the following areas:

  • Copley Quad Parking Lot (Lot N near Julian Field)
  • Chesnut and Dearing Parking Lot (Lot U)
  • Dearing Parking Lot
  • Hemingway Field Parking Lot
  • Comfort Field Parking Lot

    Resident students are prohibited from parking in the following areas:

  • All General Parking Lots
  • All Faculty and Staff Parking Lots
  • Any Underground parking

Please note that the parking lots in the “upper fields” portion of campus is dual purpose and residential students are allowed to park in this area. The gate that controls access to the upper field area will be closed at dusk, so please have your vehicles moved by the time the sun goes down.

*These restrictions are in effect 24/7 so please remember that 3 citations in a semester, and 5 citations in an academic year will result in your vehicle becoming eligible for immobilization by wheel lock and/or tow.

If you have any questions about the Residential Student Parking Regulations, please contact Campus Safety at 816-584-6444.


Tickets will be issued for the following violations

  • No Park University Registration Displayed
  • Expired State or Temporary Registration
  • Improperly Displayed Parking Sticker
  • Parked in a Restricted Lot
  • Parked in a No Parking Zone
  • Parked Outside of a Marked Stall
  • Parked in a Reserved Space
  • Parked in Fire Lane/Tow Zone
  • Parked in a Handicapped Space
  • Blocking Snow/Trash Removal/Thoroughfare
  • Driving Wrong Way or Speeding
  • Driving/Parking on Grass or Sidewalk
  • Littering
  • Unauthorized vehicles in Parkville Commercial Underground parking lots, sidewalk ways and roadways. (See Section 13.0)


The posted speed limit on the Parkville campus is 15 mph on all above ground roadways. The Commercial Underground speed limit is set at 10 mph. Please help keep the Parkville campus a safe place by observing the posted speed limit. Campus Safety Officers are equipped with a handheld directional radar device that will be utilized periodically throughout campus to ensure speed limits are being observed, and will also serve as an educational measure to increase awareness and safety on the Parkville campus. For more information on how the radar device is used, please contact our office at 816-584-6444.


Impounded vehicles will be towed by a bonded wrecker service or immobilized by the Park University Department of Campus Safety officers. The owner/operator of the vehicle is liable for the costs of towing and storage or release from immobilization devices. Impoundment charges must be paid directly to the impoundment company for vehicles that have been towed.

Citations may be appealed. If an appeal is upheld, a full refund of the appealed citation will be made. However, if the vehicle is impounded for prior unpaid citations, the tow fee will not be refunded. If a citation has been turned over to the Accounting Office, the total amount owed by the individual to the University will be due and payable. Owner/operators of vehicles towed and impounded may appeal the impoundment within 5 business days of the impoundment.

Vehicles towed by Park University will be towed by a company selected by Park University. Contact information for the company that towed a vehicle will be provided by the Campus Safety Office by calling 816-584-6444.


Vehicles are subject to being immobilized by Park University Department of Campus Safety officers with a wheel lock designed to prevent a vehicle from being moved. Wheel locks can be used at any time to impound vehicles for offenses including, but not limited to:

  • unregistered vehicles
  • prior unpaid citations
  • receiving multiple citations

All immobilized vehicles that have not been released within 24 hours of application of wheel lock will be towed at owner’s expense. Penalties and/or fees will be assessed to the student’s account including any citation for violation at the time the vehicle is immobilized, the immobilization charges, and the tow charges.

All vehicles immobilized with a wheel lock shall have a notice affixed to the driver’s side window. This notice shall indicate the procedure necessary to release the vehicle from impoundment. Owners of vehicles immobilized by wheel lock must contact Campus Safety at 816-584-6444, or speak with us in person at the Campus Safety Office to discuss the procedure on how to get the wheel lock removed.

Attempts to remove the wheel lock that result in damage to the wheel lock will result in appropriate fees being charged to the student’s account for the full cost of replacement.

Park University is not responsible for damage to vehicles associated with the placement of the wheel lock on an impounded vehicle.


You must report all motor vehicle accidents on campus immediately to the Department of Campus Safety.

  • Call the Campus Safety Office by calling 816-584-6444.
  • An officer will record the necessary information, investigate the scene, and fill out the appropriate motor vehicle accident forms.
  • Official Campus Safety Incident Reports regarding motor vehicle accidents on campus will be made available to your insurance adjustor OR your attorney only. We do not hand out these forms to either party involved in order to ensure privacy of personal information.



Payments will only be accepted at the Cashier’s Window during normal business hours Monday-Friday. The Cashier’s Window is located in the lower level of Mackay and can be reached at (816) 584-6433.


Faculty and staff who will have visitors to the Parkville campus should login to My Park and complete the visitor parking pass form located within the Campus Safety section. Once completed, e-mail this parking pass to Campus Safety and your guest. Following this process will allow the guest to park on campus without receiving a parking citation.

Guests, if you have not yet received a parking pass please contact your host before your arrival to campus. A parking pass is required to park on campus.

General Campus Parking Map

Visitor Parking Restrictions

Any vehicle that is registered to or used by a faculty, staff or student, does not qualify to park in visitor designated parking areas. These vehicles must park in another general parking area or a permit lot.


Park University has enough parking capacity to accommodate its students, staff, and faculty. Although it may not be the closest space to your destination, there is plenty of space available. Please refer to the parking map located at Campus Safety if you are unaware of the designated parking areas.

Remember these rules:

  • A legitimate parking space is usually one marked with two white lines or two blue lines for handicap (Exceptions are the gravel parking lots)
  • Parking on sidewalks, fire lanes, or in alleys is prohibited
  • Students, staff, and faculty are NOT allowed to park in the Synergy Services parking lots
  • You are not allowed to park in spaces that are designated with a sign for specific use unless it applies to you. Handicap marked spaces, Service Vehicle spaces, and other reserved spaces are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Parking in the Parkville Commercial Underground is limited to:
    • Tenants, their employees and customers who park in lots designated for their business. Park employees and students are prohibited in these lots and areas. (See Section 13.0)
    • Other parking areas as designated by signage, including the parking lot adjacent to PDL.
    • All Commercial Underground parking is off-limits to students. (See Section 13.0)


The Park University Department of Campus Safety will impound by towing or immobilizing any vehicle deemed a nuisance. A vehicle is also subject to impoundment without notice under the following conditions:

  1. Any vehicle that receives more than 3 citations within a semester and 5 citations within a year.
  2. Any vehicle that receives more than 1 citation within a semester for parking in a “Reserved” or “Special Permit” space.
  3. Any vehicle is improperly parked so as to interfere with or impede:
    1. the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
    2. the use of parking facilities, buildings, loading docks, or dumpsters;
    3. the operation of emergency equipment (e.g., fire lane);
    4. the provision of services, public safety, or essential repairs.
  4. Any unauthorized vehicle parked in or blocks the use of a reserved stall (e.g., handicapped, administrative, etc.).
  5. Any vehicle parked on any surface not specifically marked for the legal operation of a motor vehicle (e.g., lawns, grass, sidewalks, vacant lots).
  6. Any vehicle displaying a counterfeit, stolen, altered, transferred, or otherwise fraudulent parking permit; or a permit issued due to false information given on the permit application.
  7. Any vehicle parked in any area marked “Tow-away Zone,” etc.
  8. Any vehicle removed from impoundment without official release from the Park University Department of Campus Safety.
  9. Any vehicle parked on Park University property, is not in operating condition, and has not notified the Park University Department of Campus Safety.
  10. Any vehicle(s) parked on campus that is currently banned from campus.
  11. Any vehicle(s) parked in the Parkville Commercial Underground lots, or spaces reserved specifically for Parkville Commercial Underground tenants. (See Section 13.0)
  12. The discretion of the Director, Campus Safety.


  • You are required to drive carefully, cautiously following traffic-parking rules and regulations.
  • You are also responsible for all violations committed while your vehicle is in the custody of another person.
  • You are responsible for all parking violations of your guests on campus. It is your responsibility to inform them where to park, etc. and you will be charged for traffic violation fines they incur.
  • You are responsible for any traffic violation tickets issued to you. If you plan to appeal a ticket, it is your responsibility to appeal it within 5 business days. Failure to do so will result in the fine being charged to your account.


Parking Citation Appeal Procedures.If you have received a ticket and you have a legitimate explanation, you may appeal it. You have 5 business days (M-F) to file an appeal. The Department of Campus Safety is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so appeals can be filed at any time. Appeals will be reviewed at the convenience of the appeals officer. Appeals may be submitted on the link printed on the ticket. Walk in, email and phone appeals will not be accepted. The Campus Safety Director will consider only one appeal. Subsequent appeals for the same violation will not be considered. The Appeal Officer will hear all properly filed appeals. You will be contacted by e-mail regarding the decision on your appeal.

Your request should include the special appeal element you believe exists. In this situation, the decision of the Director of Campus Safety will be considered final and binding for all individuals involved. After that decision is made, you have 10 days to pay your fine or a hold will be placed on your account.


The Parkville Commercial Underground offers leased commercial space for small businesses, wholesalers and light manufacturers. Most of the underground parking areas are designated to provide parking for tenants. Parking in these areas are limited to tenants, employees and customers of the Parkville Commercial Underground. Vehicles found in violation of the parking policy in the commercial underground will be immediately towed at the owner’s expense.


Due to the limited visibility and the large number of pedestrians who frequent both the Academic Underground and the Commercial Underground, special caution is required on the roadways and in the parking lots of the underground.

  • Drivers should utilize the numerous mirrors located throughout the underground to check for oncoming traffic and pedestrians, especially near intersections and the loading docks.
  • Drivers are required to observe all one-way signs, particularly those on Gault Street from the Condit Exit to the T-intersection next to Park Distance Learning.
  • To enter the underground, drivers must use the Mackenzie Entrance, or, if permitted by the supervisor or an assigned department, the Beyer Entrance.
  • Entry to the underground through the Condit Exit is prohibited.
  • Taking short-cuts through underground parking areas is prohibited.
  • Vehicles may not be parked in “loading zones”, “no parking zones”, and parking spaces reserved for tenants and other designated occupants.
  • Vehicles may not be operated or parked on the striped pedestrian walkways.
  • Headlights on your vehicle must be turned “ON” when a vehicle enters the underground.


All vehicles in both the academic and commercial portions of the underground must follow the parking policy related to traffic rules and parking rules as outlined in this document. The appeal procedures are the same as those listed above. If you have any questions, please contact the Park University Department of Campus Safety at 816-584-6444, or by using extension 6444 on a campus telephone.


The Park University Department of Campus Safety regulates parking on the Parkville campus and is responsible for issuing citations and vehicle immobilization devices that result in a fine being assessed to the registered driver of the vehicle found in violation of Park University’s parking regulations. Below are the fees associated with these violations:

$15 Fines

  • Improperly Displayed Parking Sticker

$20 Fines

  • Smoking/Littering

$25 Fines

  • Parked in a Restricted Lot
  • Parked in a No Parking Zone
  • Parked Outside of a Marked Stall
  • Parked in Faculty/Staff/Resident / Commercial Tenant Parking
  • Parked in a Reserved Space
  • Blocking Snow/Trash Removal/Thoroughfare

$35 Fines

  • Parked in a Fire Lane/Tow Zone
  • Moving Violation
  • Driving/Parking on Grass or Sidewalk

$40 Fines

  • No Registration Displayed
  • Expired State or Temporary Registration

$75 Fines

  • Parked in a Handicapped Space

Vehicle Booting Fee Schedule

  • $70 to Have Vehicle Boot Removed by Campus Safety
  • $100 Tampering Fine
  • $250 Replacement Fee for Damaged Vehicle Boots


For the purposes of the Park University parking policy – motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds are categorized and referred to as motorcycles.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students desiring on-campus parking for a motorcycle are required to obtain a parking permit.  Special permits for motorcycles are available at Campus Safety.  These parking stickers are smaller in size than the normal motor vehicle stickers.
  • As with other motor vehicles, individuals who operate more than one motorcycle must obtain a permit for each vehicle.
  • Permits must be permanently and visibly affixed to the license plate bracket or windshield.
  • Motorcycle permits are valid to park in any general parking space on campus.  Vehicles must be parked within stall lines of the general parking space.  If the motorcycle stalls are full, the permit holder must go to another general parking space with available space.
  • Motorcycles owned and operated by members of the public must also park in any motorcycle lot on campus.
  • Motorcycles may not park in any other area, including the University’s fire lanes, disabled stalls, loading zones, construction areas, disabled access aisles, driveways, lawns, sidewalks, automobile parking spaces, or bicycle racks.  Motorcycles may not be locked to or parked at utility poles, trees, bollards, railings, signposts, light posts, or fences.
  • Improperly parked motorcycles are subject to citing, towing or immobilization by wheel lock.
  • Motorcycle lots are not meant to be used for storage.  Park University does not have storage available for motorcycles.  Students, staff, or faculty needing to store their motorcycle over the winter should check off-campus sites for the possibility of private garage parking available for rent.

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