The involvement of campus visitors on the Parkville Campus is an asset that is greatly appreciated by the University and supports the University’s objective to continually promote engaging community experiences. It is the intent of the University to ensure that everyone who enters the Parkville Campus is welcomed and may expect and receive an enjoyable and safe campus experience.

All walkers/runners, especially those with health concerns, are encouraged to call or contact Campus Safety at (816) 584-6444 once they enter the Parkville Campus.


  • Visitor walkers/runners are encouraged to participate during non-peak hours to better ensure optimum campus safety experiences.
  • Visitor walkers/runners will be requested not to enter any roadways/paths that provide access to student residential building.
  • Access to student and faculty living facilities will be prohibited except to guests of residents.
  • Visitor walker/runners will be requested to remain on sidewalks/paths/streets.
  • Visitor walker/runners will not be allowed access to walk/run through standing parking lot locations.
  • Campus Safety personnel may approach unknown visitors to request identification and to state purpose of the campus visit campus.
  • Parkville Commercial Underground: Because of heavy truck and other vehicular traffic, visitor walkers/runners will be limited to use during non-peak business hours and during weekend days.
  • Roadways/Walkways: Visitors are asked to remain on the striped pedestrians walkways, when available.
  • Parking: Visitor runners/walkers who drive onto campus should park outside the Condit Exit areas.


Park University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Park University is a private, non-profit, institution of higher learning since 1875.