For Faculty and Staff

It is the responsibility of Faculty and Staff to report any type of behavior or threat of behavior that could potentially harm members of the Park University community. The Behavioral Intervention Team recommends that a faculty or staff member never make a promise of confidentiality to a student.

If a student feels comfortable confiding in the faculty or staff member about suicidal ideation, self injurious behaviors, or other plans that would cause harmful disruption of the University community, then it is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member to report that information to the Behavioral Intervention Team. In the case of a suicide threat or attempt – we advise the faculty or staff member to call emergency (911 or x 6444 on a Parkville campus phone) so authorities can take immediate precautions to protect the safety of a member of the Park University community.

Any information received via e-mails, electronic class postings, list serves, blogs, assignments, social on-line networking sources, or similar sources also requires reporting. Even if the incident may seem minor, it is important to inform the Team, so we can consolidate the various pieces of information we receive from different segments of the Park University community.

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