To provide a collaborative, cross-functional approach to assessing and responding to individuals who might pose a threat to self or others.

Key Consideration

Different threats require different levels of response. An immediate, potentially severe threat would result in the immediate implementation of the Crisis Response Plan and action by the Crisis Response Team. The Behavioral Intervention Team has a distinctly different purpose, as the BIT will function to handle less severe and/or less immediate threats. For that reason, the BIT would not be involved in severe and immediate threats (e.g., campus shooter, bomb threat, etc.), unless the BIT had previously been working on or with the people or incident in question. In those instances, members of the BIT would notify members of the Crisis Response Team and offer assistance and information as appropriate. In addition, since members of the BIT will be trained on emergency response procedures, members would be available to help with any crisis situation as needed.

The BIT does not oversee student discipline. If a member of the Park University community would like to identify a student disciplinary issue, they should complete the online form to report a violation of the  Student Conduct Code.


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