Working online may make communications more difficult since body language is not present when communicating.

Online communication needs to be composed with fairness, honesty, and tact. Spelling and grammar are important in an online class. What you put into an online course reflects on your level of professionalism.

Handling conflict

An important part of online learning is discussion. Differences in thinking are good because our knowledge is broadened. It’s likely we will experience conflict in online learning. The important thing is to handle conflict in a way that does not create defensiveness. Defensiveness does not promote learning. It is important not to take disagreement personally and be respectful when encountering different points of view.

Responses to different ideas and observations need to be objective. Being objective means maintaining boundaries and not making personal attacks or making statements that have the potential to be taken personally.

Learn more about rules of netiquette here. If you have questions about any of these policies, please contact your instructor.

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