English Language and Culture Institute

Park University’s English Language and Culture Institute offers coursework to international students and other non-native English speakers who have not met the minimum language proficiency requirements for entrance into the university, or who have not provided evidence of meeting those requirements. The goal of ELCI is to prepare students for future academic success at Park, and to facilitate their transition into Park’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

ELCI presents a structured, standardized curriculum at six different levels of English proficiency. Students enrolling in the program will take a placement exam to determine which level is appropriate for their current language needs, and will continue full-time enrollment in the program until they have successfully completed the required sessions. Successful completion involves earning an 80% score in each session, and meeting the minimum proficiency requirements on the program’s exit exam. A student who has successfully completed the ELCI curriculum will not be required to furnish a TOEFL or IELTS score to apply for admission to credit-bearing Park courses.

Though ELCI coursework does not provide credit toward graduation, ELCI students are Park students, with all the rights and responsibilities that pertain to that status.


Yearly Cost Estimate based on four 8-week sessions

($2,950 per 8-week session)
Cost of Living$10,000
($2,500 per 8-week session)
Books and Fees$1,000
($225 per 8-week session)
Health Insurance$927
($463.50 per 6 months in USA)
Total Yearly Cost Estimate (US Dollars)$23,727


Housing is available on campus or alternative housing arrangements off-campus can be made.


Upon arrival to Park University, students will take an placement exam and will be placed in appropriate English coursework.Students who pass advanced levels of intensive English coursework will not have to take IELTS or TOEFL to begin regular academic coursework.

Park University’s degree programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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