Green Zone Training

Green ZoneThe process of transitioning from the military to civilian life can pose challenges for all service members, veterans and their families. In order for advisors, faculty, staff, and peers to better serve this population of students, they all need to be aware of the potential challenges a service member, student veteran and their families might face when attending college. Modeled on the “Safe Zone” program, volunteers in the Green Zone program receive training about issues potentially facing active service members, student veterans and their families. Through this cross cultural learning opportunity, Green Zone Training will provide faculty, staff, and students with an understanding of the military experience of military connected students and families as they transition from the military to campus life. This training opportunity will also bring awareness of community resources available to military connected students and families on and off our campus.

Green Zone Trainings will provide participants with the following:

  • An understanding of the military experience and emotional cycle of deployment.
  • An understanding of the potential issues facing undergraduate student veterans, active duty service members and their families as they transition from the military to your campus.
  • An awareness of the resources available to undergraduate student veterans and their families on and off our campus.
  • A Top Ten Green Zone tips worksheet that addresses challenges that military connected students and families face when attending your university.

Green Zone Allies are not expected to be experts or mental health counselors. Green Zone Allies are a sympathetic ear and someone who can refer a undergraduate student veteran to appropriate on-campus resources. Participants who complete the training will receive a Green Zone decal to display in their office and have their name and institution listed on our website as having completed the training.

Stephen TerryStephen Terry
Military & Veteran Student Services

Lisa Thomas

Dr. Lisa Thomas
School of Education

  • Dustin Wall, Counseling Center
  • Jody Manchion , Registrar
  • Peggy Hauser, Registrar
  • Janelle Hopkins, Registrar
  • Jackie Keck, Registrar
  • Linda Whitener, Registrar
  • Patricia Brown, Registrar
  • Michele Matteo, Registrar
  • Sandy Egge, Registrar
  • Christy Myers, Registrar
  • Melissa Geier, Registrar
  • Desmond Mason, Registrar
  • Cindy Blevins, Registrar
  • Jacklyn McKee, Registrar
  • Terri Bradley, Registrar
  • Jennifer Black, Registrar
  • Kimmon Halloran, Registrar
  • Joyce Nelson, Registrar
  • Marilyn McGarvey, Registrar
  • Lucian Gray, Registrar
  • Liz Irvin, Registrar
  • Karie Shaefer, Residence Life
  • Ben Zibers, Student Life
  • Andrew Davis, Student Life 
  • Shannon Cuff, School of Education
  • Jan McKinley, School of Education
  • Michel Sportsman, School of Education
  • Judi Estes, School of Education
  • Gail Hennessy, School of Education
  • Amy Wolf, School of Education
  • Kathy Lofflin, Dorothy Harper Watson Literacy Center
  • Christina Reyes, School of Education
  • Kristen Sperling
  • Nan Rowe, School of Education