Success for Veterans Program

Success for Veterans
The Park University Success for Veterans Program is designed to provide a smooth and comprehensive transition to college for veteran students. The program consists of five online transition courses. The veteran faculty members teaching these courses are academically and culturally prepared to provide high quality services for veteran students. Credits earned in the Success for Veterans program can be transferred toward a Park University degree or other higher education institutions degree programs.

The Benefits

  • Administering exceptional customer service catering to the unique needs of service members
  • Providing high quality access to various online and face-to-face degree programs
  • Utilizing online educational technology to accommodate service members at home and abroad
  • Convenient online access to first-rate academic advising and student support services
  • Offering a variety of lifelong learning experiences to service members in a global society

Transition Series of 5 Courses

Course Title Maximum Credit Award
CDL 100 Orientation to Learning & Life Skills - Contact Us for the Next Orientation Course Non-Credit (free course)
CA 105 Introduction to Human Communication 3 Credit Hours
FI 201 Personal Financial Management 3 Credit Hours
En105 First Year Writing Seminar 3 Credit Hours
Selected Topics in Humanities: Critical Thinking 3 Credit Hours