About the Program

The criminal justice administration program combines the Park University tradition of liberal arts education with a modern professional curriculum preparing graduates to work in criminal justice and related professions or move on to graduate school.

All full-time faculty, and most adjuncts, have at least twenty years of professional work experience in the field, as well as terminal academic degrees. We study all segments of the criminal justice system, from law enforcement, through courts, to corrections. We have areas of concentration in law enforcement, corrections, and security, lead by experienced professionals.

We offer experiential opportunities in all areas through internships and special topics courses. We focus on critical thinking, effective communication (both oral and written), enabling life long learning, and working in a global society through possible international study.

Our alumni have gone on to jobs in a wide variety of areas, including police officers, juvenile officers, probation officers, security managers, and counselors with non-profit agencies assisting abused adults and children.

Several alumni have completed graduate programs in criminal justice and public administration, as well as law school.

Degree Offerings


Three Areas of Concentration

Students majoring in criminal justice administration may select from one of three areas of concentration:

Law enforcement



These areas require two specific courses to that area, in addition to the general courses for all majors. Each area of concentration has been created and revised by working professionals in that area, to make the curriculum as relevant as possible to today's criminal justice needs.