Command and General Staff College

Master of Communication and Leadership

The search for effective leadership continues today as contemporary organizations become more complex. The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership, housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, starts with the premise that communication is the essence of effective leadership. This graduate program is designed for professionals who wish to build on their current career skills, advance to a new position or organization, or desire personal enrichment. The complexities of relationships and the competitive nature of business demand leaders with highly polished interpersonal and organizational skills. This degree provides the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to serve in corporate settings, the military, non-profit, government, politics, or other arenas. The MCL degree is a 36-hour graduate degree program, with up to 15 credit hours available as transfer credits to CGSC officers, as per below. 


 Degree Requirements & Curriculum Hours
 Core: 16
 CA  500 Introduction to Graduate Communication Study 1
 CA 501 Human Communication Perspectives 3
 CA 516 Qualitative Methods of Communication Research 3
 CA 517 Quantitative Methods of Communication Research 3
 CA 529 Cross-Cultural Communication 3
 CA 699 The Epistemology of Communication 3
 Track Requirements 15
This includes CA 505, CA 520, CA 670, and 6 credit hours of electives.  These courses may be substituted through transfer from Army Command and General Staff Officer's Course (CGSOC) through the Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. 15
 Graduate Project or Thesis 2-5
 Total Hours: 36

CGSC Courses Completed MCL Transfer Credit Hours
Foundation Block CA 670 Measuring Leadership 3
Strategic Studies Block CA 505 Organizational Leadership
And 3 credit hours of elective.
Operational Studies Block CA 520 Seminar in Organizational Change
And 3 credit hours of elective

Students Who Completed the CGSC Program

When the officer has successfully completed the CGSC program, the student will submit an appropriate transcript to Park University in order to automatically receive credit for up to 15 credit hours. The CGSC program will fulfill track courses in the program, provided this action is within Graduate School and Park University transfer requirements.

Capstone Experience

Each student must complete a total of 36 credit hours, which includes comprehensive exams and a capstone experience. The student must complete one graduate capstone option:

  1. Reflection (2 credit hours) plus one 3-credit hour elective course, or
  2. Project (typically 5 credit hours), or
  3. Thesis (5 credit hours).

For the reflection course, the student may find it useful to reflect on how the CGSOC program and the Communication and Leadership courses compare and contrast in their approaches, and how the student will apply learning to military or civilian contexts.

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