Command and General Staff College

Master of Public Administration

Earning a Master of Public Administration degree at Park University is an excellent way to launch a career in public service and become the type of leader organizations need.  Housed in the Hauptmann School for Public Affairs, the M.P.A. is a 36 hour, liberal arts based degree program focused on the skills needed to manage and lead across all sectors of society.  Graduates of this program tend to pursue careers in government at all levels, nonprofit organizations, higher education and the private sector.

Two concentrations offered may be of particular interest to CGSC officers:  Public Management and Disaster & Emergency Management

  • The Public Management concentration provides preparation for careers in a wide variety of areas, including different levels of government and organizations which interface with government agencies.  It also enhances managerial leadership knowledge, development and competence at all levels of organization.   
  • The Disaster and Emergency Management concentration prepares students entering into or advancing within the broad field of disaster and emergency management.  The program of study is comprehensive in its approach and includes policy development, disaster management, hazard mitigation, continuity and recovery of government and vulnerability reduction. 


Students who wish to pursue an MPA with a concentration in Public Management will be able to transfer up to nine credit hours and students who wish to pursue and MPA with a concentration in Disaster and Emergency Management may transfer up to 10 credit hours as per the detail here: 

Park University Course CGSC Blocks
PA 509 -- Leadership Dev. And Organizations (3.0 cr. hr.)   C100 – Foundations (2.3 cr. hr.)
L100 – Leadership (1.6 cr. hr.)
Total = 3.9 cr. hr.
PA 511 --Public Management and Org Behavior (3.0 cr. hr.) C300--JIIM Capabilities (1.6 cr. hr.)
C400 --Doctrine (3.9 cr. hr.)
Total = 5.5 cr. hr.
PA 503 -- Emerging Issues in Public Affairs (3.0 cr. hr.) C600 -- Planning (4 cr. hr.)
Total = 4 cr. hr.
PA 586 -- Planning for Emergencies and Disasters (2.0 cr. hr.) C 300-- JIIM Capabilities (1.6 cr. hr.)
C500 -- Joint Functions (1.1 cr. hr.)
Total = 2.7 cr. hr.
PA 587 -- Government Response to Terrorism (2.0 cr. hr.) C 200--Strategic Envir (2.4 cr. hr.)
Total = 2.4 cr. hr.