4+1 MBA Program - Undergraduate to Graduate

Park University’s School of Business offers an innovative and exciting 4+1 MBA program. The curriculum allows academically talented business students to complete both their Bachelor of Science in Business degree and Master of Business Administration degree in five years.

The accelerated format of the 4+1 Undergraduate-to-MBA Program will save students time and reduce the cost of earning an MBA. Students completing the program will be better prepared and able to enter the workforce in higher level management positions upon graduation.

Students accepted into the 4+1 Undergraduate-to-MBA Program will receive a validated course for graduate credit for up to four of the undergraduate courses listed below:

Undergraduate Course* MBA Core Course Example Graduate Assignment
AC 315 Cost Accounting MBA 515 Accounting for Management Decisions Additional Comprehensive Exam
IB 451 Seminar on International Business MBA 526 Corporate Management in a Complex Global Setting Additional Term Paper
FI 360 Financial Management MBA 615 Managerial Finance Additional Case Analysis
MK 411 Marketing Management MBA 630 Strategic Marketing Additional Term Paper
HR 353 Introduction to Human Resource Management MBA 633 Human Resource Management Additional Term Paper

Admission Requirements


Undergraduate students will be able to apply for admission into the 4+1 Undergraduate-to-MBA Program. Acceptance will be based on a number of factors that indicate the students' ability for high-level academic activity. Admission will be granted if the following requirements are met:

  • Students may apply after having successfully completed 60 undergraduate credit hours toward their Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better (based on a 4.0 scale).
  • After completing 75 undergraduate credit hours, students can start taking a 4+1 undergraduate course.

Transfer students and international students are qualified to apply to the 4+1 MBA Program if they meet the required criteria.

MBA Program

4+1 Undergraduate-to-MBA students need to apply to the program within two years of their undergraduate graduation. Once the student is admitted into the Park 4+1 MBA Program, they will complete the requirements outlined below.

Students who are enrolled in the 4+1 MBA Program are not guaranteed admission into the MBA Program. Admission into the MBA Program is determined after the student has successfully completed their undergraduate degree.

(Note: The Director of the MBA program will oversee the tracking of all 4+1 MBA students and courses awarded as validated courses and will apply any validated course once a student is accepted into the MBA program.)


MBA Program Requirements

4+1 Undergraduate-to-MBA students must successfully complete undergraduate courses in their chosen undergraduate degree. Once admitted into the 4+1 MBA Program, and at the end of these courses, the student will also be required to complete a graduate assignment related to the course to earn credit toward their MBA. This assignment will be graded by School of Business graduate faculty.

The following policies apply to receive the graduate credit waiver:

  • Students will pay the School of Business 4+1 MBA fee.
  • Students must earn a “B” or better in the undergraduate 4+1 course.
  • Students must successfully complete the additional graduate assignment.

Students must apply to the School of Business MBA program within two years of graduating with their undergraduate degree. (see page 32 of graduate catalog). After two years of enrollment date in the 4+1 MBA Program, the MBA core courses can no longer be counted.