Master of Healthcare Administration

About the Program

The Master of Healthcare Administration is part of the School of Business


Park Online Courses in the Healthcare Administration Program are offered online. Students may meet all course requirements through an online format.

8-Week Kansas City AcceleratedStudents seeking a healthcare Master’s degree near Kansas City may find the MHA program convenient. Blended courses are offered selectively at the campus center in downtown Kansas City, Mo. throughout the academic year, with increasing opportunities for students to meet a significant portion of their degree requirements through the blended venue.



The Master of Healthcare Administration program provides healthcare administrators the tools to ensure efficient and effective delivery of quality health-related products and services to diverse communities.


The Master of Healthcare Administration program is designed to prepare learners for the challenge of a global society, including utilization of innovative approaches to managing and leading, solving complex problems, and adhering to the ethical and professional standards of the healthcare system.

Program Goals

 The graduates will consistently be able to:

  • Formulate a communication strategy that will cultivate professional relationships amongst a diverse group of stakeholders in order to achieve cooperation, promote teamwork, demonstrate respect, and maintain a competitive advantage in the market place.
  • Assess the level of professionalism necessary to succeed in the highly dynamic and demanding industry by maintaining personal and professional accountability, engaging in ongoing professional development, and demonstrating a commitment to the welfare of the faculty/organization, surrounding community and the profession.
  • Demonstrate the ability to function autonomously and take responsibility for managing a diverse group of professionals within a highly complex and changing healthcare environment.
  • Develop a clear and achievable organizational vision for the future which promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and contributes to the formation of a culture and climate that embraces change in order to achieve excellence in product and service delivery.
  • Assess the healthcare environment  and its constructs in order to pinpoint industry risks and opportunities, and then actively contribute to viable strategy formulation that effectively leverages internal competencies to achieve organizational success.
  • Synthesize relevant internal and external data in order to position complex organizations for fiscal and operational success, despite existing barriers, in order to maintain a strong competitive advantage within a dynamic and demanding industry.
  • Demonstrate advanced problem solving skills in the construction of viable and ethical solutions to complex issues that may negatively impact product and service delivery.