Master of Business Administration

Degree Requirements

Master of Science Information Systems and Business Analytics
Required – 36 hours, 3.0 GPA
Degree Requirements 24 cr.

CIS 600 Management Information Systems 3 cr.
CIS 601 System Analysis and Design 3 cr.
CIS 602 Database Management Systems 3 cr.
CIS 603 Information Security and Risk Management 3 cr.
CIS 604 Project Management for Information Technology 3 cr.
CIS 605 Data Analysis and Business Analytics 3 cr.
MBA 576 Operations Management 3 cr.
CIS 610 Capstone in Information Systems 3 cr.


Concentration in Business Analytics 12 cr.
The concentration in Business Analytics is designed to prepare the graduate student to use big data to revolutionize business operations, in much the same was as information and communication technologies (ICT) have changed corporate America. Students will learn to undertake big data projects intended to improve operational performance; strengthen managerial decision-making; predict demand and outcomes; and leverage the resultant information to gain a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

CIS 606 Applied Data Mining and Analysis of Big Data 3 cr.
CIS 607 Survey of Predictive Analytical Techniques 3 cr.
CIS 608 Web and Marketing Analytics 3 cr.
CIS 609 Data Visualization 3 cr.