Master of Public Administration

Nonprofit and Community Services Management

The Master of Public Administration degree with the Nonprofit & Community Services Management concentration provides preparation for careers in organizations providing services to address individual family and community needs and problems. This concentration also prepares graduates for meaningful contributions to the community through service on boards and in various leadership and advocacy roles.

Topics include social welfare policy, a review of the role and functions of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, including history and trends in the field, the legal and regulatory environment, an overview of management principles and practices, with the common and distinctive elements of nonprofit management compared to public and business organizations in the US and to civil society and non-governmental organizations in the global context.

Recent graduates have secured positions as nonprofit program managers/administrators and have advanced within careers with agencies such as The Boys and Girls Clubs, The Humane Society and a variety of local and regional social service agencies. Additional information regarding employment and salary trends in the fields of public affairs, public administration, and public policy can be found at the following Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration website:

The area coordinator is Dr. Terry Ward. His Ph.D. is from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His professional experience includes nearly two decades with H&R Block, several years as President of the H&R Block Foundation.  He can be contacted at

The Civic Leader is Don Wise, who has over thirty five years in nonprofit administration, education and community leadership. He can be contacted at



MPA CURRICULUM (2016-2017 Catalog) Hours
Core Courses 18 cr.
PA 501* Public Affairs Concepts and Theory (16 weeks) 3 cr.
PA 502* Public Affairs Methodology (16 weeks) 3 cr.
PA 508 Research and Analysis 3 cr.
PA 509 Leadership Development and Organizations 3 cr.
PA 600 Ethical Foundations of Authority and Responsibility 3 cr.
PA 602* Seminar in Public Affairs (16 weeks) 3 cr.
Theory Courses 9 cr.
PA 542 Social Policy 3 cr.
PA 545 Management of Nonprofit, and Nongovernmental Organizations 3 cr.
PA 594 Financial Management for Nonprofit/Community Organizations 3 cr.
Theory/Practice Integration Courses (select two) 6 cr.
PA 591 Planning Nonprofit/Community Services 3 cr.
PA 593 Financing Nonprofit/Community Services 3 cr.
PA 595 Communications and Marketing for Nonprofit/Community Organizations 3 cr.
TOTAL 36 cr.

*16 week courses

Students are encouraged to take PA 501 and PA 508 before enrolling in other courses. PA 501 and PA 508 provide a foundation for understanding the field of public affairs and academic skills needed in MPA coursework.