Social Psychology blends the strengths of psychology and sociology. It studies the "person in the situation," and integrates knowledge about individual, group, and organizational processes. It is an adaptable major that trains students for a wide range of career options. The Social Psychology degree program offers concentrations in four areas: (1) Theories and Methodologies (for students intending advanced study); (2) Human Developmental (focuses on factors affecting each stage of human development over the life course); (3) Clinical and Abnormal (focuses on psychological abnormalities and social dysfunctions); or (4) Cultural, Organizational and Institutional (focuses on human in formal organizations and cross-cultural issues). All students also leave the major with a set of technical and conceptual tools that will allow them to collect, analyze, and interpret social research data and apply those findings in a number of careers.

Career Opportunities once certified:

  • Market Research
  • Trial consulting
  • Social Science analysis
  • Social psychologist