LCI Language Centers

Program Highlights

Academic Curriculum: Our Academic English Program curriculum is designed to prepare you for the university experience. In addition to mastering all aspects of academic English—including writing, reading, speaking, listening and test taking—you will learn the skills to succeed as a student at Park University

Quality Instructors: LCI teachers are experienced professionals who love working with international students. All LCI faculty members have bachelor’s degrees; most, including all of those teaching university preparation courses (Levels 5-7), have master’s degrees. All LCI teachers are native speakers of English.

Campus Resources: LCI Kansas City students are considered Park University students from their first day on campus. You will have access to all university amenities, including academic resources, on-campus dining options, recreational facilities and social activities. Students who are under 21 years of age and who have earned fewer than 58 university-level academic credit hours are subject to Park University’s Residency Requirement. More GO

Cultural Activities & Excursions: All of our language programs include a cultural component to help you practice your English, get to know the local area and adapt to life in the U.S. This includes activities on campus as well as excursions to local attractions around Kansas City.

University Courses: As an LCI Kansas City student, you may have the chance to take one or two regular academic courses that count toward your Park University degree requirements while you are studying in the upper levels of the LCI program.

TOEFL/IELTS Waiver: When you successfully complete LCI’s Level 7, you automatically fulfill Park University’s English language proficiency requirement and will be eligible for admission without having to take a TOEFL/IELTS exam.

Smooth Transition to College: As an LCI Kansas City at Park University student, you will be treated like all other Park University students, with an easy transition from the intensive English language program to a Park University academic program, thus maximizing your opportunities for success.