Ellen Finley Earhart Department of Nursing

Degree Requirements - ADN

The Nursing Program is fully approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing. The Nursing Program is also a member of the National League for Nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Nursing Education. The following courses are required to complete the Associate Degree of Nursing:

Course #
Course Title
NU207 Transitions for the ADN 3
NU217 Acute Care Nursing Patient Management 3
NU235 Clinical Adult Health Nursing 3
NU238 Nursing Health Assessment 3
NU255 Mental Health Nursing 3
EN105 First Year Writing Seminar I 3
Choice of (1) of the following:  
CS140 Introduction to Computers 3
PS101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SO141 Introduction to Sociology 3
PH103 Fundamentals of Logical Thinking 3
MA120 Basic Concepts of Statistics 3
CA103 Public Speaking 3
SW205 Introduction to Social Work 3
One (1) 200 level Humanities/Social Science course 3
NU227 Community Based Nursing Patient Management 3
NU240 Maternal/Child Health Nursing 3
NU265 Clinical Nursing Practice Application 4
EN106 First Year Writing Seminar II 3
BI223 Clinical Microbiology 4
NU270 (Selected Topics for those students who need credit) 3
NU267 ADN Leadership & Professional Development 3

Major requirements for a degree program are established by the University catalog at the time the major is declared.