Ellen Finley Earhart Department of Nursing

BSN Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Kansas City, must complete the following requirements to be considered for admission into the program.
  1. Complete ≥ 45 credit hours with a GPA ≥ 2.8 (to include BIO 210, BIO 211, BIO 212, BI 223, CH 105, MA 135, and NS 220) of the pre-nursing curriculum prior to application to the nursing program.
  2. College Algebra equivalent to MA135 or higher. MATH or STAT based statistics; not specialty-based statistics.
  3. Have ≥ 2.80 GPA in nursing program prerequisites. No grade lower than ‘C’ will be accepted.

The prerequisite courses are required by the University in fulfillment of the core curriculum. In most cases, students must complete all pre-nursing and non-nursing prerequisite requirements prior to starting the nursing coursework (see the BSN Curriculum Plan).

However, in some cases, students will take the remaining two or three non-nursing courses concurrently with their BSN coursework, depending on their transfer credit situation.

Admissions Tests

  1. Kaplan Admissions score must be ≥ 67. Admission test scores will be valid for 1 academic year (fall/spring cycle). Students may repeat the test to improve their scores. Each attempt requires the student to pay the $55 testing fee prior to scheduling the test.
  2. If applicable, submit current evidence of an LPN license.
  3. Applicants must submit the completed Park University Nursing Program Application no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the application period.