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Degree Requirements - BSN

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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing requires a minimum of 120 completed credit hours. Major requirements for a degree program are established by the University catalog at the time the major is declared. This course listing is for the 2016-2017 academic year. Refer to your catalog for a complete listing of coursework for this degree.

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BSN Pre-Licensure Student Progression
Pre-Nursing, First Semester 17 cr. Pre-Nursing, Second Semester 13 cr.
LE 100, First Year Seminar (or elective, if needed, for transfer students) 3 cr. EN 106, First Year Writing Seminar II 3 cr.
EN 105, First Year Writing Seminar I 3 cr. CS 140, Introduction to Computers 3 cr.
BI 210, Human Body 3 cr. PS 101, Introduction to Psychology 3 cr.
MA 135, College Algebra 3 cr. BIO 211, Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 cr.
CH 105, Introductory Chemistry 5 cr.
Pre-Nursing, Third Semester  16 cr. Pre-Nursing, Fourth Semester 15 cr.
NS 220, Applied Statistics 3 cr. CH 204, Nutrition for Health Sciences 3 cr.
PS 121, Human Growth and Development 3 cr. BI 223, Clinical Microbiology 3 cr.
BIO 212, Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 cr. EN 306a, Scientific and Technical Writing  3 cr.
PH 221, Ethics and Society  3 cr. LE 300, Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning Capstone  3 cr.
General Education Oral Communication Course 3cr. HU XXX, Humanities Elective  3 cr.
Nursing, First Semester  15 cr. Nursing, Second Semester  17 cr.
NUR 280, Introduction to Professional Nursing 3 cr. NUR 330, Clinical Applications of Pharmacology  3 cr.
NU 355, Pathophysiology for Clinicians 3 cr. NUR 356, Mental Health Nursing  4 cr.
NUR 320, Concepts of Nursing Fundamentals 5 cr. NUR 450, Evidence-Based Practice  3 cr.
NUR 338, Health and Physical Assessment 4 cr. NUR 335, Adult Health I  7 cr.
Nursing, Third Semester  14 cr. Nursing, Fourth Semester 13 cr.
NUR 435, Adult Health II 7 cr. NUR 345 Acute and Chronic Conditions  4 cr.
NUR 410, Community Health  4 cr. NUR 460, Nursing Leadership  3 cr.
NUR 357, Gerontology  3 cr. NUR 419, Women, Children and Families  6 cr.
Total for graduation = 120 credit hours (640 clinical-simulation clock hours)