Master of Business Administration

Disaster and Emergency Management

The concentration in Disaster and Emergency Management is designed to prepare the graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) to competently mitigate, prepare, respond, and assist communities and their organizations in recovering from natural and manmade disasters. An array of potentially hazardous events now more than ever confront businesses and include, but are not necessarily limited to homeland security issues; failures of complex technology; and a wide range of natural hazards. Ultimately, this concentration is intended to prepare graduates to design and improve emergency management capabilities and command and control operations within firms, so that they’re better prepared to handle major and catastrophic disasters that threaten to disrupt business continuity.

Course Requirements 12 cr.
PA 551 Principles of Disaster and Emergency Management 3 cr.
PA 557 Continuity of Operation in Public and Private Sectors 3 cr.
PA558 Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources in Disaster and Emergency Management 3 cr.
PA 589 Theoretical Principles of Terrorism 3 cr.