Welcome from the Director

Lee Nordgren“Welcome” means wanted, at home, comfortable, or at ease. Without a doubt, the School of Business at Park University is committed to making you feel “wanted” as you explore our graduate business opportunities and “at home” when you join us, whether briefly in a seminar or forever as an alumnus, whether online or on one of our campus centers across the nation. You will find our doors open and our arms extended with a handshake, ready to support you as your career grows and changes.

Now, please think of your greatest success in life and remember how much you felt at ease or comfortable in the process of that achievement. In my consulting entrepreneurs and advising doctoral candidates, I cannot remember one who chose “comfy” or “at ease” to describe these developmental experiences but they did feel proud and successful.

I earned my MBA at Harvard University and my Doctor of Science in Management from Privredna Akademija in Serbia. I moved alone to countries where, initially, I did not know the language or the culture. I advised university presidents; consulted for governments, World Bank, and USAID; started businesses; and held executive positions to up Vice President in major multinationals. Through all those challenges, I learned that business success and personal achievement come from taking a step or even a giant leap away from the comfortable to conquer the unknown, to push beyond your boundaries.

Read our history, and you will notice that Park University has a record of programs and policies that have attracted and supported people who chose to achieve what might have seemed impossible at the time. Today, the School of Business and its graduate programs are innovating constantly to create more ways to support organizations and individuals as they lead their communities and institutions in rapidly changing environments. This year alone, we have introduced the Global Executive MBA, the 4+1 option, certificates, and new face-to-face locations. In the coming year, we will start more concentrations and certificates, focusing on global trends and on alignment with professional standards and certifications, all to support students in building competitive advantages for themselves, their organizations, and their communities.

Please explore our website and let us know how we can serve you and your organization. We are open to finding new ways to cooperate with businesses and international institutions, as we innovate to prepare our learners to be entrepreneurial, influential business leaders in the global economy.

Lee Nordgren, D.Sc.
Edward F. Lyle Professor of Finance and
Director of the Graduate Program in Business