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Call for Papers—The Peace Journalist magazine;
Call for audio clips—Peace Journalism Perspectives Podcast

 The Peace Journalist magazine is seeking submissions for our April, 2017 edition. The Peace Journalist is a semi-annual publication (print and .pdf) of the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University in Parkville, Missouri. The Peace Journalist is dedicated to disseminating news and information for and about teachers, students, and practitioners of peace and conflict sensitive journalism.

Submissions are welcome from all. For the next edition of The Peace Journalist, we are seeking short submissions (300-550 words) detailing peace journalism projects, classes, proposals, academic works in the field, etc. We also welcome longer submissions (800-1200 words) about peace or conflict sensitive journalism projects or program.

Please submit your article via email to Also send a 2-3 sentence biography of the author, as well as a small head and shoulders photo of the author. In addition, please submit photos and graphics that could accompany your article.s, as well as academic works from the field. The Peace Journalist will not run general articles about peace initiatives or projects, but rather seeks only articles with a strong peace media/peace journalism/conflict sensitive journalism angle.

The magazine submission deadline is March 7. However, given the limited space available in this issue, it’s advisable to submit your article early.

To see a .pdf of the October, 2016 edition of the magazine, go to:

Similarly, the Peace Journalism Perspectives Podcast ( is seeking audio clips related to PJ—short PJ-style radio stories; short interviews with PJ practitioners/teachers; audio clips from PJ events, etc. Please keep your clips to under 3 minutes, and submit to me (mp3) by email. The podcast deadline is February 20.

Thank you in advance for your interest in the Peace Journalist and the PJ podcast.

Current Projects
The Center for Global Peace Journalism is engaged in a number of projects in 2017. The the center is working with a prominent international human rights NGO to develop a project that includes PJ seminars for journalists in Nigeria and fellowships for those journalists at Park University. (Details soon!)

In addition, the center's director will be teaching PJ seminars in Cameroon and Pakistan, and will be a featured speaker at the IVOH Media Summit ( ) in New York.

The Peace Journalist Magazine

The Peace Journalist is a semi-annual publication of the Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University in Parkville, Missouri. The October 2016 edition features reports from South Sudan, Spain, Nigeria, Liberia, Macedonia, and Afghanistan.
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Peace Journalism

What is Peace Journalism?
Peace Journalism is when editors and reporters make choices that improve the prospects for peace. These choices, including how to frame stories and carefully choosing which words are used, create an atmosphere conducive to peace and supportive of peace initiatives and peacemakers, without compromising the basic principles of good journalism. (Adapted from Lynch/McGoldrick, Peace Journalism). Peace Journalism gives peacemakers a voice while making peace initiatives and non-violent solutions more visible and viable.

To learn more about the basics of PJ, including some key principles and how PJ can be used in daily reporting, you can download our 2-page brochure, “Peace Journalism: An Introduction.”

About the Center for Global Peace Journalism
The Center for Global Peace Journalism at Park University promotes the concepts of peace and peace journalism. More GO


The Center offers a series of resources about peace journalism, including:
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